PS Adding Local Shops to Hubs

A Big Hello from all of us over on Portal Seekers!

We have decided to add Local Shop Portals to our hubs. We are rolling this out over the course of this week!

Local shop portals represent shops that are on that planet, a quick and easy way to connect!

Got a shop on world and want to draw in shoppers from your planet?! Also, draw in shoppers that are using the BUTT/Knowledge tab to access deals! Bring them on in to your shop!

Over the course of this week we will be rolling these out on all our hubs as an easy way for new and old to find local shops!

Our only rule is that the portals here are connected to a shop on the same planet.

Feel free to request an update to the signs on our Discord in the “Portal -Network-request channel”:

or feel free to post here on this thread! I will update it as we roll out the planets.

Currently we have:

Tana VII
Kada I
Gyosha Ophin
Cephonex Merika

With more coming soon!! <3


So these don’t have the same list of rules that PS Biitula has? (As some of those have always prevented me from being able to open up a portal there from my shop)


@Sujimichi88 What is yout planet you have your shop on?

Yeah man, go for it. Everybody go ham on these if they want to co-op for shopping API. This is one of the solutions that works best for our guild atm, it might at least bridge some of the gap.


Biitula :slight_smile: The rule for “have to see shopstands from the portal” has always prevented me from being allowed a portal, as i have a small hub at the shop that doesn’t have view of any shopstand. (Even though you’re on a sky-island and there’s no way to miss the stands hah)


Also to be clear. It is allowed to have a planetary shop portal with all the other shops of the same planet :smiley: And a portal at the shopping hubs to be found be window shoppers.

We came up with this rule because we wanted to avoid the discussion with people who said for them it was clear. And still we had to figure out where the shop was haha. we first tried it withing a certain blockrange.