PS Co-Op Shop Buy/Sell Changes!~

We have made updates to the PS Shop !

The PS Co-Op Shop was designed to make it so our members could put up items for sale easily without having to go through the process of managing a shop. With everyone providing items it makes it easier to keep the shop stocked and not one person is spending their time endlessly gathering (if they don’t want to!)

This has been working great! Thank you to everyone who has been using our store!! :heart: We average 40 patrons and have been busy keeping items in stock! :heart:

All the profit made from the PS Co-Op is used to manage PS Buffs, Fuel PS portals or goes directly back into the shop.

While things have been working great, we would like to lower the bar for entry. Typically a person would sign up, drop off items and we would put them out for sale. For a few items we would like to make it easier to drop items.

We have added Request baskets for Ore and Reactive Lamella:


Current Buy Prices:

Reactive Lamella: 22c
Copper: 5c
Iron: 5c
Silver: 16c
Gold: 17c
Titanium: 7c

There is enough coin in each basket to purchase a full request basket for each! Over a million coin divided between the baskets!

If anyone has any questions about the Co-Op and wants to become a more perm member vs using the request baskets, feel free to message me!

So far this year the PS store has sold 8,654,906 items! Workers for the store have made 37,658,994c! Can’t wait to hear from anyone interested :heart:


I’ve been selling on the PS shop for probably a year now. @Tagris runs the shop extremely well. Would recommend.

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Thanks @Dhusk!! Always happy to have your Gems to sell! :heart:

Such a good concept!


My name is commander simoyd and this is my favorite shop in boundless


That is a fantastic idea a shop to pay for guild buffs, not to mention a way for players to make coin! Great job!

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Where is this shop? Or how do we get there?

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I love your shop it’s awesome. I can go there buy out your gems and you actually have enough that my inventory is full. Definitely spent millions in that shop. If u want items and alot of them it’s definitely the place to look. Not the cheapest . But the most reliable and stocked store. Thxs heaps

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Thanks @Rosa!

Our shop is on the PS portal network on Biitula!

From TNT take the PS portal in the center > Biitula > PS shop

The PS shop is in the center of PS Biitula hub :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to have you stop by!

Also, thanks for shopping with us @superman101!


We have added Bags of Sugar to our items we are selling!

Come by and grab them up before they are gone :slight_smile:


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We have also added Persisting Pies~! 50c each!