PS4 - Adding to friends list

Is there a way to add a PS4 player as a friend without meeting them in game. My kid just started playing boundless and I was helping him get started. We play on the same PS4 so we can never meet in game and I can’t find a way to add him so I can give him beacon privileges and vice versa. Anyone else experiencing this as well?

If I recall, you two need to be PSN friends and then when a new character is made it asks if you want to import your PSN friends characters as well. This is the only thing I know of that would do what you’re asking, related to the PS4.


That’s correct, must be on PS4 friend list and click import PS4 friend list when making new char, to spawn near them

It sounds from the above posts like it works the same as steam friends. Since I don’t own a PS4 I can’t confirm for sure.

If that’s the case there’s no need to do it at character creation - you can go to the Character Select menu, select your current character instead of an alt, and import friends from there:

If your friends create new characters, or if you add (or remove) friends from your Steam / PSN list, that will update your in-game friends list accordingly.

Confirm that is the same on ps4, you can do even after character creation. (in Sanctum)

Slightly on topic - friend requests in game on a PS4 are annoying. You have to swipe down to open the screen to accept but if you have for example a chat window or crafting window open you wont necessarily see the request to swipe down or if you do you have to come out of all windows to then accept it.

I have so far 4 times had to ask the player to send request again as I believe it’s a 10 second timer to accept else it auto declines/ignores.

I have done it with other players but not on the same console and if worked great.

Already friends with him on PSN, maybe I’ll remove him then add him again and see if that works.

Thanks to everyone for replies!


Had to block to unfriend, then unblock to refriend… looks like that works!

Handy, didn’t know that.