Ps4 beta / alpha / release?

i REALLY wanna play the game, i would pay to play.
there are lots of games now on consoles using the EA (early access) method, like dungeon defenders or ark survival.

would it be possible to talk to sony about it ? im sure lots of people would love this game.

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They’re gonna do crossplay between the pc version and the ps4 version. I belive boundless will be released on PS4 after 1.0

do you know what version boundless is currently on ? im not sure where to check.

Testing 162. So I guess 0.162. But there’s plans for a 2017 1.0 release, still no specifics, date might be moved, depending on how the game progresses.

Alpha release 161. That does not really tell anything though, as there is no announced concrete release date other than q4 of this year

First off I want to say that I feel your pain!

I think that an early ps4 release is unlikely for many reasons and I feel it’s probably for the best =(

Here are some of my thoughts as to why… I mean no insult by them. They might be a bit blunt and maybe unfairly influenced buy No Man’s Sky’s reception…

In my experience, console players are not use to unfinished games / Early Access and therefore, imho, have a grater tendency to be unforgiving, harsh, to downright hostile… that and given that there are generally more console players than PC players… would make me greatly concerned about a hate train developing… not to mention the development workflow is probably PC first then adaption to the PS4 once it’s working properly… which would leave the PS4 constantly lagging behind and could be further inflammatory to console players. Then again this is supposed to be cross platform. So to push a patch they would first have to test on both platforms before releasing a patch which would slow down development.

It also comes down to resources. I believe a fair amount of time and effort is used on supporting the PC version and adding a console version to support would just be a further distraction from development…

So in the end, by not releasing a console Early Access they are in fact finishing the game faster.

Again it sucks that you are unable to enjoy this wonderful game at this time but hopefully it will mean that when you do, it will be sooner and better than it would have been otherwise =)


I understand what you are saying but from a ps4 user perspective and I speak for several of us we are getting tired of waiting. The problem with going early on pc then withholding on the console is that console players will only wait for so long before saying to hell with it and going to something else. In that thought it was almost better back in the 80’s when you had no idea how long a company worked on a title and you did not hear any press coverage until it was almost ready for release, no alpha play or beta play. You may be right about NMS although I was one of the few that had no problem with it and bought it first day but doing something like this only hurts sales on consoles because like I said we are only going to wait for so long there are a lot of other games out there you know.

Hurting sales on console, in order to have a better product and develop a consistent cross play game seems like something a mindful game company should do.

While business is business, losing track of what’s important, produce good games, should never be forgotten.

The game transitioning from a good pc release into a good ps4 release is easier, than improving the game on pc, while still having a running version on ps4, neither of them working how the devs envisioned it.

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well all I can say on it from me and my group is we are giving them 6 months after that they will lose the sale, time may be eternal but our patience is not, they have already missed one ship date.

Well to be honest, that would be your lose. The game isn’t really ready to be played anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I love it as is. But It’s more about testing and feedback right now. Waiting on PS4 is a blessing and a curse for PS4 players. While you will unfortunately miss out on the testing phase, you and you’re group will have a huge, fully fleshed out game to explore upon full release. Everything will be a new experience for you and I promise you will be blown away if you choose to purchase after release. Plus, you won’t have to worry losing all your progress for the full release wipe;)


It’s a pc game being ported to ps4. It was in development for nearly two years before the ps4 port was even announced, so be glad it’s being released on ps4 at all. Personally I don’t have any respect for types that complain about waiting for their particular systems release and threaten to “take their money elsewhere” because they are impatient. What do you think is going to happen, they will read your hissy-fit of a threat and say “golly, we better work 90hr weeks, 7 days a week to make this kid happy!” No, it will be released when it’s finished, and it’s already being developed as quickly as it can be. Do you think Sony wants unfinished games being released to their consol? I do not speak for anybody else, but if you decided to take your sour attitude and threats to another game’s community, then GOOD RIDDANCE.


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smooth I understand your position and respect that but what I am trying to say is if you are going to release something on a console but have alpha’s and beta’s on a pc don’t dangle the release on a console in front of us like a carrot on a stick and just have us sitting on our thumbs for months or years before console players would get a chance. Its better to not know than to have us constantly checking and waiting around for something that may never come.


I would like to point out the difficulties that Seven Days to Die has with having a PlayStation beta. It takes longer for updates to come out, longer for the update to go live, longer to get bug fixes for potentially game breaking bugs out too.

I believe that that (7DTD) is a game with progress being made, but that it should have waited on its PlayStation release, get more of a game together. People don’t expect any kind of beta for consoles, they expect clean finished games with as few bugs as can be thought of.

There is often a lot of backlash on 7DTD because it IS an unfinished game.


I have more fun reading the updates and read the forum than actual game play. I mainly play to do QA for the devs, not really to play for fun.

Consider this, they’re a small dev team as it is, they’re not an aaa studio, and even then they take super long.

Making a game is not easy, and the scope they had at the beginning is so little compared to what they’re looking at now. If they released the game with the scope they had. It will get everything done. But nor would them or the community be happy about it.

Just adding features weekly and working on things is taking their time, working on a counterpart for ps4 is already a lot. And it’s not like they’re not making progress. Devs themselves have said that when they’re in game, it’s safe to assume they’re in ps4

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PS4 version will be released when they’re ready to release it. Full stop.


just to give some people some context, I work for a company that develops software for the financial sector, we have quotas and deadlines to meet and if those are not at the minimum it is someones ass and they will be fired and at the worst it is lawsuits by our clients and possible bankruptcy we don’t have the leeway to say oh we missed this delivery date we will deliver it sometime. I guess I just accepted that a company would perform like one and meet its milestones and delivery dates and if they did not there would be some repercussions down the line.

The heated discussion taking place here shows that the game is quite highly anticipated and I’d think it’s a good thing.

Focusing on the last point you made, @wildo2ne: developing software for financial sector is completely different than developing a game, wouldn’t you agree? (Even though both involve programming). Are them two really comparable? It’s like comparing releasing monthly periodic to writing a book.

I understand that having highly time strained job with high caliber responsibility on daily basis might affect your thinking and judgement of others. Maybe you have same expectation towards others that you see placed on you on regular basis. Please, try to see that developing games is a different piece of cake. Bigger studios and titles, than Turbulenz and their Boundless, change dates and don’t deliver promises rather freely. It’s especially true on sandbox multiplayer games market. It’s a common thing pre-alpha projects don’t even reach stages beyond beta and disappear with whatever money they manage to collect from early access buyers.

I’ve seen this game missing planned release date and having rather slow development rate, but I don’t mind. I’m on the patient side of things and I’d rather wait and have better end product than different way around. There are plans to have 1.0 build at the end of this year. However, it might not happen and to be true it won’t bother me. I might well wait 2 years more for full release if it means 1.0 is really well balanced and creating amazing experience (offering a lot of exciting game play). Especially that I’m participating in testing version quite actively and I can see how much work is there to be done on the balance side of things alone (I don’t even want to think how much work it means on programming front). There are still important decisions to be made about the final shape of game and devs are really open-minded here, not trying to shove whatever they want down players’ throats.