Ps4 Controller Scheme

Hey guys. Kilimanjaro here.

So. I’ve been here about 4-5 weeks roughly. A couple days ago I realized why I’ve been falling down all the time mid-grapple in the middle of a build. As it seems, on PS4 controllers, when you hold L1 which lets you switch to items/tools in the action bar and move the left stick to pick which item you need in that hot-bar… it ALSO triggers the right action bar, and half the time I’m always moving my right stick which causes my right action bar to choose another item and also causes the grapple to detach and make me plummet to my death.

So when that happens, I’m trying to switch to to my axe to take out a misplaced block, then I switch back to the block, I move the right stick in the middle of choosing an item in the left action bar, it triggers right stick on right action bar. It’s very annoying.

So overall, in a short story, L1/R1 is basically the same button. Can we PS4 players please get L3 (left stick button) dedicated to only L1 and then R3 (right stick button) dedicated only to R1. Pleasseee! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this was intended, a bug, or just how it was programmed. I just wanted to state my opinion to you developers about controls on Ps4.

(P.S - Devs, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! I appreciate everything ya’ll do! :smiley:)

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