PS4 deluxe upgrade



Sorry James, but I’m gonna keep pestering you about this until we get a definite one way or the other!

Any news you can give?


I wish we could do the backer stuff. I’d gladly upgrade above the deluxe edition


yes I’ve been anxiously waiting too… Last message I had from James, I understood that its the PlayStation group that gets to decide if/when it happens.


@james There’s a bundle of people who’d bury more cash in… Lots of whales ahoy! :wink: Would be great if there was a way to increase the account in a way similar to the backers, but without the perks (and at a % increase) - so that the original backers still felt the value… When I first discovered Oort online I didn’t jump at time, and was skint for over a year (Crafting Queue 1: Incredibly Small Violin), and missed the backer parts. ALL other MMO I’ve picked up (except Star Citizen), I’ve gone for top tier fun… I’m a hard working whale, and can see you work hard… would be lovely to have ways to show the mutual appreciation!


lots of whales ahoy! (grumble sware grumble fight me!)

Its those guys which are FORCING games i enjoy to go P2W which no one enjoys anymore :wink: be careful what you say about your whales and in which crowd :wink:


Hey @James its a great Win-Win opportunity. You get much money to make the game better, and we get the deluxe upgrade and more plots etc.


10% bonus 100% worth it, i nearly got 10,000 plots with 10% making that 11,000!
so i can feel the non available upgrade pain and the plot missing out


7 days gone and we are still waiting for an answer @James


I initially asked the question in September, all we ever got was that they weren’t sure it was possible then we gave examples of other edition upgrades in the PSN store and they told us they would talk with Sony.

Nothing since, tho if we hear something probably another weird quip that sounds serious or putting the blame on Sony again or perhaps we get the blame. Since that’s how I feel the replies are lately…


so whats up @James, new roadmap, new goals, big fail with footfall. But still no news 2 the ps4 deluxe upgrade?


My favorite topic has reappeared :smirk:. But yea we need some news on this. My wallet is ready


@James another 7 days have passed by, are you still not willing to talk about this with us?


It’s been discussed many times… hears a reply from @james back in November. Many of us anxiously waiting.

***sorry wrong thread, I’ll find and update

Try this;


So here we are, 10d later, nothing happens, @James whats going on with the deluxe upgrade?


Has anyone tried asking Sony why it’s not on the store?..


Is boundless deluxe no longer available?


It’s never been available on ps4


It is on the store just no upgrade for the plain version


If boundless deluxe has never been on on PS4 I’m cheating lol.


That sucks, there should be an upgrade