PS4 deluxe upgrade

That sucks, there should be an upgrade

You have Boundless deluxe on Ps4?

Yes boundless deluxe is available for ps4 but you have to actually buy that version to begin with. You can’t upgrade to deluxe from standard on ps4 currently

I see, my mistake.
I’ll stop posting incorrect info!

It is tho, but the PSN store does not allow you to buy a game you already have and the Deluxe Edition is the base game + Deluxe so if you made the sad mistake to buy the normal version you can not buy the Deluxe version again.

Plus for some reason unknown there is no upgrade available on the PSN store even tho a gazillion other games have done the same…

We have approval from PlayStation to add an additional package that is an upgrade to the Digital Deluxe Edition. The game is ready to support this.

The biggest effort is creating and submitting all the store meta data, which needs to be translated into 18+ languages. We need to do this twice for the EU and US stores - which are both different. This then needs approval from PlayStation before being made public.

Once everything is approved we can let you know when it’ll be live.


I bet steam is 100 fold easier, to develop and add packages for, no? I mean I know this is for PS4. I was just wondering from your perspective on which is the easier company to work through. @james

PlayStation has an extremely strict set of rules called TRCs. You need to comply with them or you can’t publish the game.

Steam doesn’t.


Would this be, due to the fact that playstation consoles have set system specs (Limitations) while PC’s are constantly growing and wildly different from PC to PC?

Thanks @james, excellent information.

Should keep us sated for a little while.

But only minutes… I’m expecting the next query in …







Hey james, when are we getting the PS4 deluxe upgrade? (Joking, I’m on PC)



No, but seriously, what’s the ETA?



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Hey, James! Psst, james! What about the Deluxe Upgrade for PS4?


Thanks for the info! Much appreciated!

Steams just doesn’t care about the fact that Willy from Uzbekistan can’t understand English, PlayStation tries to make sure they can read info in their own native language instead.
More cumbersome for developers? yes, but also way more consumer friendly…


That’s not right. I hope this gets fixed. An upgrade version would be much more inclusive

James posted in this exact thread answering this :smiley: