PS4 deluxe upgrade

I had the deluxe version in my cart and the one time I try to be frugal with the idea that I can upgrade later anyway is the time there’s no upgrade, sigh… kicks spitter to another planet

I’m sure most of us PS4 players will be upgrading the day it comes available. Then you and the rest of the team can treat yourselves no a nice Red Lobster dinner. Lol.


Oh please tell me they don’t have Red Lobster in the UK! :face_vomiting: I vote for after party at a proper English pub! :nerd_face::+1:


I actually don’t like red lobster. It’s just something my on buddy always says if he comes into some money. Lol.


LMFAO :rofl:

I can’t tell if this was done sincerely, or if we just got the finger!

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If you mean my Soon ™ post, It’s sincere - suprisingly, there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye, but it’s very much an active concern.

You folks want it, we want to give it to you - but it’s just taking a little more time than we anticipated to get it to you. It’ll be a happy day for me once it’s live - as soon as I have a date to share, you guys will have it :+1:


I am ps4 and i will Upgrade when come

:hugs:Darth Pain


Thanks for the work, you all. :slight_smile: (And I’m fine that I didn’t wait - very happy to support you all with the rebuy :sunglasses: ) Do hope you can do better than Red Lobster with that though… maybe get yourselves a few well-needed (I’m sure) :beer:s.

@georgegroeg - My husband often makes the same joke, as some long time back some big jackpot lottery winners in an interview said something to the effect of, “We don’t like living high on the hog, but tonight we’re going to Red Lobster!” So we have the Red Lobster joke going too, haha.


Thanks Sam, we do appreciate your efforts. I think we were just alittle anxious and hadn’t heard anything for a while.

On the up side… looks like a lot players anxiously trying to throw money at you!!! Lol


Yeah that’s probably where my friend got it from. Lol. Clearly Red Lobster not the best choice. Most likely they’ll buy a nice bottle of Louis XIII and pound it back in shots. Lol.


Time to necro this thread don’t you think???

Any news on this Sam?? Would love to hear that date we all have been waiting for!!!


Yes, i’d upgrade in a heartbeat!


Yeah that’s a fair necro! Thanks for your patience on this folks - by way of an update, this is in the pipes at Sony, but something’s changed in the process over there in the course of our submission.

It’s definitely still coming - I’ll hopefully have a release date to share quite soon.


fingers crossed, repeating “please this year, please this year”

Thanks for the update!

Even been thinking of asking Sony PS helpdesk to do me a favour and give money back of the regular game so I can buy deluxe, lol, tho I doubt they will go for that

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Coming soon™

You could just buy the deluxe and eat the difference, I know I’ve thought about it

EU can’t unfortunately. :frowning: I’m US and did it myself - so happy I did! :slight_smile: I can verify it works fine for US - but for some reason EU won’t let you rebuy games.

Sadly that is only possible in certain countries.

In Europe the PSN store does not let you buy a game you already have. Since the Deluxe Edition also includes the normal game it tells me I can’t buy it because I already own the standard edition.

All I can think of is consumer protection laws perhaps?

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Maybe I’m being really daft, but theres a delux edition for ps4…?
How do I know which version I have? What’s the difference… I payed £60 iirc

Then you probably have the Deluxe edition!

Can you craft the gold fist in the workbench? That’s a Deluxe perk…

Also, if you spend 300 cubits to buy 10 plots you actually get 11, 10% plot bonus. That IS the reason most of us want to upgrade!