Ps4 digital deluxe version soundtrack

I preordered the digital deluxe version downloaded and never received the soundtrack, i love the music just wish i could listen to the music when i am not playing the game. Everyone i have talked to says that theres downloaded with the game and was in there library, i dont know why mine did not?

Which PlayStation region are you in? The soundtrack delivery is all handled by the PlayStation store, we just created a bundle containing the game, soundtrack and other bonus items. If I know which region you’re in I can go and check the bundle setup still looks correct, if it does then you may need to raise a support request to Sony.

North America. I was thinking of uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that helps

Not sure that will help, it should show up as a completely separate app, it should be listed in the purchased section of you game library

I have none of my bonuses and lost my 190 cubits in the overnight update.

N America region.

Sorry to jump in here but ive had the Deluxe edition since the 7th. once it released i also never got a soundtrack nor did the 3 guys i play with. While this may be on Sonys end it seems like its a real problem that is affecting more then a few people. Granted we dont care much we love the game but getting that soundtrack issue sorted would be awesome. :slight_smile: also North America btw no separate app nothing anywhere sadly

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I have looked in my game library and it is not there. Others that I have talked to say there soundtrack downloaded at the same time the game did. That is why I was thinking of reinstalling

It looks like the soundtrack didn’t get correctly published to the PlayStation Store in North America I’m chasing Sony up to find out why.


@blake Awesome ty for looking into this. Love the game but the current music selection is a bit on the sparse side. it would be great to get that soundtrack for some background music.

Can you all just confirm if you didn’t get the soundtrack.

  1. Which region are you in Europe or North America?
  2. Did you buy the deluxe edition direct from the PlayStation Store or did you get a code from somewhere for it.
  3. Did you pre-order or did you buy it after the release on the 11th?

I am in North America
I bought directly from playstation store
I preordered the game

This, but day of release.


1: Region. North America
2: Bought the Deluxe Edition from the playstaion store while on the ps4 console.
3: Pre-ordered a month in advance of release.

Got no soundtrack with the game just the game itself.

Just a quick follow up, Sony think they’ve tracked down the problem and hope to get it fixed sometime tomorrow.


That would be awesome. I want to thank you for all your help. much appreciated


@blake Yes i agree with @BloodRaven56. Thank you for looking into this problem and working so quickly to get it resolved. I am looking forward to hearing the soundtrack :slight_smile:

I believe you should now be able to get the soundtrack, if it doesn’t show up in the purchased section of your library on the PS4 try going to the store link here which should allow you to get it.

@blake There is a new problem with the Soundtrack for the Deluxe Edition. When i open the app a notice appears.

“The /Music directory could not be found. Make sure the USB storage has a /Music directory.”

Now i dont have any type of USB storage just the factory PS4. I was under the impression this should work like any other app on the PS4 without a problem and opening it should just run the app. Sadly It simply just doesn’t want to work.

Any suggestions for this new problem? thank you for your time and effort in advance. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid that’s the way PlayStation 4 Soundtracks work, it’s a template application supplied by Sony and we just add the audio files, when you run it it exports the audio to a usb device and you can then play those files on either the PS4 media player or any other PC/mp3 device.

I see. Well that is disappointing. Regardless thanks for the information. Boundless is still a great game even if i cant access the soundtrack. Keep up the great work you guys are doing an awesome job and im haven a blast with the game. :slight_smile: