PS4 - Instant drop on-drag bug

This problem has been in that game for ages but gets really annoying, when i try to move something in my inventory to another slot or another slot in a storage container/machine sometimes when the item is picked up it will instantly drop into the next slot you pass over instead of waiting for the player to move the cursor to the desired slot and press X to drop.

e.g if i go to move say a stack of copper ore from my inventory to a furnace i move the cursor over the copper ore stack and press X which will pick up the stack if i move the cursor over another slot while the pointer is making its way to the furnace slot, it will sometimes instantly drop that stack into that slot instead of waiting for me to move the cursor to the furnace ingredient slots and pressing X to drop that item into the slot.

it happens completely at random while moving stuff in inventories, at first i thought it was something wrong with my controller, so i bought another controller as that one was getting worn out anyway but the problem continued with the new controller.

I can’t speak for all other PS4 players, but i haven’t ever experienced this. Have you tried re-installing the game?

Also, as a workaround, for furnaces and machines etc, you can press the right trigger on the item you want to drop into it, for easier transfering :slight_smile: Not a fix, but a nice workaround that’s even quicker than dragging :slight_smile: