PS4 <==> PC Characters

I know that, while the Boundless universe is shared across PS4 and PC, characters are unique to each platform at present. Are there any plans (short or long term) to address this?

There are no plans to change this. It was a requirement from PlayStation to allow Boundless to support cross play.


Thanks for the quick response @james! That’s a bummer but maybe I’ll start fresh on PS4 in the near future as I gave up PC gaming.

You can share user account between PC and PS4, and then start a new character. The character is basically a standard Alt but locked to the PS4 rather than the PC. They can be added to beacons and guilds, etc as usual.


Gotcha. It’d be awesome if there was some kind of character transfer where you could permanently move a character from PC ==> PS4 or visa versa (perhaps for a fee). I probably spent $200-300 over the years in WoW moving characters around servers.

Again - we’d happily remove the restriction. It’s a PlayStation requirement. Without the characters locked per platform we couldn’t have released a PS4 version supporting cross play. We concluded the number of players who wanted to play on both platforms was likely very small - so accepted the limitation to proceed.


In Boundless it costs Warp Shards or Coin to move around servers :wink:

… I guess we could charge $$$ as well…


Oh James… :sweat_smile: haha


has anything changed with this or can you not go from ps4 to pc and play same charathers?

Hasn’t changed

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thanks dk i rockman :slight_smile:

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