PSA: Downtime from 10:30 BST. Farming Coming Today!


Hey folks,

Just your usual friendly PSA that we’re going to be taking the game down for maintenance today at 10.30am BST (9.30am UTC)

This is due to us lining up the Harvest Era, aka Farming, for release TODAY!

We are expecting some significant downtime for this one, as it’s quite an intensive update, but as soon as we’re back up, we’ll let you all know.

In the meantime, if you haven’t started planning your farming empire now’s the time to start sketching out your plans…

Patch notes etc to follow as usual



Siiiiiiiiiiick man!

Now we sit here at work nervously scared of how the new lightning and reflections will affect our builds :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Also safe to say, I think I will skip gym today…


Oooo can’t wait. Too bad I still have one more day of work. Thanks Dev team! @James @SamF @jesshyland @vdragon @blake @dave @lucadeltodecso @Minyi and the others that I’m forgetting to tag


So looking forwards to this hitting live today! Awesomely great job to all involved!


Been looking forward to this cant wait :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh WOW ! Insomnia, for me bad timing, was going to play some but I guess I will have to wait a while.

And I bet it will be some time for it all to download on the servers. Wonder, two, three or maybe more?

For those like me going 10:30 BST that is at 5:30 EST is what I go from the internet . so I will check back around 8:30 EST and see what is going on.


Awesome, thank you all so much!! :smiley: So much appreciated, can’t wait! Haha, so glad I decided to burn a day of leave Wednesday, looks like I’m going to be having a Boundless marathon tonight and tomorrow! :wink:


I made it just in time! :smiley:


Oh my :eyes: :eyes:


Yessssssssss its happening


Fall freely, oh my tears of joy! :grin:


First thing I read on forums today, pleasant surprise to read. :smiley:


YESSSSS! The shaking of James worked!!! Woooooo!!! :smiley:


Could you elaborate on “significant downtime” @SamF :grimacing::innocent:

But seriously looking forward to seeing the fruits of all of the hard work you guys have been putting in! Thanks and it’s a pleasure to be apart of this! :heart:


PS4 patch is ready for download, 309.9 MB :grin:




Cant wait to rotate me some portals!


Steam update out 140mb , but servers down so no play yet.
I feel like a kid on christmas :slight_smile: