PSA: Downtime from 10:30 BST. Farming Coming Today!

@Pfiffel are you going to update Can’t wait to assess the damage. :slight_smile:

Working on that, but it’s hard to resist all these resources thanks to the planet reset. Didn’t think it would be this crazy, but it shows how little natural regeneration actually does.

Edit: updated and!

Probably going to add a diff feature to the drops table so you can compare pre- and post-farming patch.

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Yes, you’re right. It’s overall an important change.

And YES, black is black, sure, sure.
But telling me that “cool blue is quite a dark color” will tend to make me think “BS!”.
You can’t either tell us that you think it’s normal for all meshes to look as dark as they currently do.
Hence the reason I’m pissed, because that should’ve been fixed on testing, and several people (me included) have often pointed it out with a “please don’t forget this!”. This update has been prematurely released.

As always, maybe I do complain too much, maybe I’m too harsh, but you defend the devs too much, no offense. Nothing new or surprising, there, to be honest.


If I was the only one pointing this out then I would agree but since I am not then it is not “self focused” How many people have to complain before you think it is a problem? And should we really care if you think it is a problem or not? James is at least acknowledging what has been brought up. So that is good enough for me.

Do I think the developers need to think about a solution and not just do a knee jerk reaction and revert back to the old lighting? Yes “they (the developers)” do “we(All the players)” will have to wait and see what they decide but since we are not the developers we cannot speak for them.

Lighting issues are not small. Boundless is a visual game. How it looks can be a selling point or can hurt the game. There are sunsets, clouds, colors, and day/night cycles. These things only matter in a game where how it looks matters. To say that by pointing out an issue that players are not willing to look at options is not true. This is the way it works. We point out items/issues, the developers agree or disagree on if they think they will change anything and then they decide what options might be possible. We just got the release so a lot of players are just seeing the issue, so I think to say we are not willing to look at options is not true. I have already commented on James proposal that they give players an option to tweak lighting.

No it feels to me like we showing the results of a change to the game and some players are saying just ignore it, it is not a problem, live with it and leave the developers alone.


Don’t think I have seen anyone state or use those words or putting it in that way is fair to those people requesting caution in how this is solved.

Also since there is a poll about basically making this an “option” or tweaking it certainly does not give any hinting that people are open to other options. They just don’t like their builds being affected and want it fixed is how much of the conversations are contextualized.

So that trend is certainly more alarming than those that are asking for caution.

@vdragon I think there’s a bug with the scrolling combat text. When you quickly place blocks, the used up energy is no longer added up but every block is shown individually as a red “8”. Before the patch it would, if I remember correctly, add up and get bigger and bigger font (like, 8, 16, 24, 32, …).

The drawback of the current system is that it lags way behind and e.g. building under water means you get the violet “you’re drowning” text while you’re long back in the air.

Does anyone also have trouble getting out of the water? I seem to not be able to walk up the slope out of the water.

Fwiw I do really like your place ever since I walked into it during hub maintenance that one day. If you need help farming a new gleam, hit me up.

Thanks, but I’ve already tried replacing the cool blue with white refined gleam.
It barely changes anything. Farming some new gleam won’t help.

I’ve only been able to quickly jump on for half an hour to have a quick look at the new changes regarding lighting etc and overall I’m really loving it … but …I have to agree that it still needs a bit of tweaking… some dark colours are way too dark and seem to suck some of the light out of the area and water next to glass could still do with perhaps an extra 25% transparency (still 100% better than before though)…I know some don’t like the darkness of the metal of the power coils but personally I like the contrast with the flash of colour on each one.
With regards to dark materials seeming to absorb light rather than reflect it (even polished black marble can be pretty blinding in real life if a bright light is shone on it) this really does need to be looked at … the proposition of some sort of gamma slider would be fantastic but the contrasts of some materials would still need to be tweaked regardless.
Overall this update looks amazing and I can’t wait to get a chance to dig deeper … hopefully some of the fully regened resources will still be left by then lol

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I have Vision issues and the darkness at night and inside my build makes it impossible for me to see or play. Im on PS4. If you add a brightness slider might help but kinda hard to play now.

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Just to let you know someone went to your place with no knowledge of your complain on the lighting - and find it awesome. I think you should give it time. I also really like it from this screenshot. You will eventually embrace it. Let your eyes and brain adjust to the change. It is not easy but give it a chance, please.

Peace :heart:


I respect that you don’t like the way this looks but I just went to your build and it looks just fine on my monitor and game. Yes the wood you picked for your tables and machines could be darker than expected but things are just fine from what I see… just as pretty as before.

The screen shot does not even do it justice… in fact the wood looks just fine… a nice dark wood. The screenshot makes it look a bit darker than it is on the screen. I checked my gamma and it is set to default for my monitor.

I can see every item on your storage just fine.


yeah that looks amazing, I dont see how anyone could think this is worse, it still looks so cool

Then I don’t know what settings you have on your monitor or if you have some kind of cat-vision, because I can’t tell what are the blocks on the top-left of the container “drop-off stash”.

I’ve had to go on Photoshop with your screenshot and zoom enough as to actually see the pixels to be able to tell those were metamorphic refined stones.

I mean, come on, I work on 3Ds Max with realistic lightings powered with VRay for a living. I doubt my monitor or my eyes are that off.
All I see are black cubes. All the luminours red objects like signs and containers are looking like they’re from a different color than the walls.
Have you seen my iron furnaces? Yeah well they’re titanium furnaces.

To be clear, I’m not complaining about the general way light spreads, now. I’m complaining about meshes not getting the light they should, and about gleam suddenly emitting half the light it used to, which implies that we’ll need to use double the gleam to get the effect we used to, which will look ridiculous. Might even need to replace all the gleam with lanterns because during the day, refined gleam looks dead…

Well, it’s a crazy build nonetheless, that hasn’t changed. But had that person seen the build before the update and understood what has changed, it’d be different.


I’d test with lanterns. I have a build that used just those for lighting and I’m no longer a big fan of it. Im sad this update has kinda killed my desire to play boundless. Tho I had zero interest in farming. So the only thing this update was going to bring me was fluids and rotating portals. But me no longer like my builds out weighs those

Gotta admit that when I saw the changes to my own build, I too felt like “welp, I don’t feel like playing anymore”.
But yeah, then I started collecting water, filling my canals, collecting starberries and planting them where it’d be prettier, etc…
There’s also some pretty cool changes. Like, on Raxxa, there at least 3x as many rosetta nox as before. It gonna make sign-creation way easier!

Once there’s been a tweak for mesh-lighting, I think I’ll be able to accept the change better.

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It’s not meshes i have an issue with unfortunately. And I don’t surface gather so none of those matter to me either. Lol. Oh well. I’ll just have to see what happens. Log in fill portals for any guild mates that might still be playing and log out

Not sure to put this here or not, but the water is acting weird. When I was getting mold in Delta C. the water acted like it was being sucked down, think whirlpool, and stayed that way. Hope the photos show what it is doing.

The dark spot is the water acting as if it is going down a drain.

Here, you can see how the water looks different. The darker area is where I removed the mold and there the water is twirling around as if going down a drain.

Yup that’s normal. The water flows into the empty space that was created