PSA: Downtime from 1100 BST (1000 UTC)

Hey folks,

We’re going to be offline briefly starting in one hour’s time as we roll out another update! Patch Notes and more detail to follow as per usual.



Better slider for brightness in the options menu?

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If it’s not on testing it probably won’t be in the update :man_shrugging:


Awesome, thanks dev team! :slight_smile: Boundless update AND Beyond today… so much for my life for the foreseeable future… :rofl:


I know. I know. Oh well I tried.

Look for a massive sale posting later today btw. Going to sell a good chunk of my stuff so if they ever decide to do something with the lighting again I can come back and buy what I need.

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So testing for the prestige crops is done, then?
I don’t feel good about this. :confused:


How long do you expect the downtime to be?

You leave the Game?:disappointed:

So no beacon safe trade option to come along with buffer zones?


We are now back folks, I’ll post the details now. Thanks for your patience!


Arghhh, I was so busy with one thread that I didn’t check the rest, now I can’t go online! Raaaahhhhhhhh


I’m more worried about the buffer zone thing testing…


Ohh, what ya selling???

I’ll be selling majority of my stuff. Marble, spicy beans, forge mats, coils, etc. Tho some stuff I imagine I’ll give to @curtis999c and @Ratchel


You forgot my name there buddy :wink:

What types of Marble do you think you would sell, and for how much?

I don’t remember what all I have for marble. But as I’ll be breaking down my builds I do know I should have a lot of black and greys. Probably sell it at 65c. Also have 4k night orange marble since the devs never figured out why it changed colors on me. Or at least they never told me why it happened. Kinda like my guild switching when I switch planets lol.


Ah that’s definitely out of my price range then. :joy:
Don’t have a shop yet, so I don’t get much coin. Hope you’ll find someone else who has the coin though. øwø

@FireAngelDth I hate to see you go. Thanks for making me a better player. The community is losing a good influencer in the game. An all around nice guy. If you need anything when/if you come back you know how to get a hold of me on Discord.


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