PSA: Downtime from 1400 BST


Currently, if it looks like this image, the plot buffer/reservation system is activated:



Lucky i asked.Lol Thanks:)


OK what am I doing wrong.

When I use the debug I see that all the beacons around me and my own show the beacon buffers. when I validated the debug by checking the group, I am finding them as reserved. If they were disabled by default and I did not change them today or before today, do we still see the zones even if they are disabled? I did not want to mess with the settings in case someone needed to check them out.

Edit: when I use a totem, the ground reflects the same reserved status as the debug did.


I just checked this myself…and it all looks the same to me too.
The only thing that changed was default = off now instead of on.


Just my opinion on this, i just think this gonna push the problem to later. Once people gonna start to active that buffer we will still be in the same situation.

I think it would have been better just to remove it for now until something better can be set in place.


I am happy they made this change, but I agree with you… once a beacon gets protection on the problem will be later when they quit playing… :grimacing:


I 100% agree.


I agree that it will just push the problem to a later date however I do feel that doing it this way will reduce the amount of support tickets that get sent in and will spread them out to a more manageable load for the devs.

Just my thoughts.

Edit: wow that didn’t quote very well at all.


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