PSA: Downtime from 1400 BST


Hey Folks,

We’re going to be offline briefly, starting in around an hour’s time. Shouldn’t be offline too long, we’re going to release a small update. I’ll let you all know when we’re back up!


That going to fix Lamblis and Antar for those that are playing errr live there


I bet it’s the beacon protection zones


I hope they remove it or at least deactivate it as default


Thanks as always for the work, you all! :smiley:


Any info on the small update?


I d bet a server restart and the flag on reservations to default to off :3


Hope so ^^
As when it happened there were several new players in the whisper list. Might be new to boundless kinda ducks if it isn’t fixed.


Update details are here:


Shattered my split second dreams of the decorative glass being added… I realise that that’s probably a little optimistic, but hey… Sue me :angel:


Please be back the soonest, pretty please whimpers


Hi, obviously not a big issue (found this easily enough, although not sure if this should be posted here) but could we get an estimated down time when updates happen? I wasn’t online before it started so I don’t know if a message went out before-hand but some kind of estimation or start time on the error-screen at login would just be a nice touch


We do get warnings at certain intervals when we are in game…


We’re back folks! Thanks for your patience.


Hey Doom,

Totally appreciate the idea - in an ideal world we’d be able to give good estimates, but it’s always a bit of a stab in the dark with downtime. Unexpected roadbumps always come up when you, well, don’t expect them!

I’d hate to give out estimates of 30 mins, then 60 minutes later everybody’s waiting for news… it’s a bit of an unavoidable problem I’m afraid!

We’re back up now in any case, thanks for your patience!


Yay, work on builds that were stuck because of the buffer zones can start again!


Hi Sam,
Thanks for your response! that’s fair enough, I’m relatively new but it’s clear your updates are all different sizes so yeah it would probably be futile; I just wanted to add that it’s nice to see a dev team so in tune with their community - keep up the great work guys!


So if i see a tick on beacon protection then my reserved plots are protected? No player can claim my reserved plots.Am i correct?Im double checking as my beacons were set on tick before today.When i press dont allow anyone to use my reserved plots that beacon protection tick turns off and this is looking like its not protected.So with me visually seeing my tick on protection status its safe then? So i wont need to change my settings then?Hope im reading my beacon right.So im checking with you.


I agree that it’s confusing at the moment


This is exactly what i meant.Lol You explained better.So the green image is my beacon setup.Am i protected ?To me it looks like i am.If a button on my beacon protection has green light then id clearly see my reserved plots are protected.So having a switch would be good idea.Your idea having an indicater would be best.