PSN Profile name not showing under Usernames on PS4 (Please help)


PSN Profile name not showing under Username when playing on my PS4 account
(BOUNDLESS account is linked to STEAM and PSN accounts.


PS4 Online ID not showing

Do you have a screenshot of this?




Is this also the case when you go to Character Menu -> Character -> Profile -> Overview?




Thanks for the screenshot. I do have another question. Is this occurring for all the characters on your account?


Yes Sir/Ma’am


Thanks for the reply, I’ll add this to the database so that a software engineer can find out what’s going on.


Thank you very much


Any Update?


I have managed to reproduce it after a while eventually after checking a few PS4s, but there’s no fix for this as yet.


I’m pretty sure we know what this is now, it should get fixed when we next push out a release to the live universe


thanks for the update


Thanks for the fix