Public REACTIVE LAMELLA Farm - The Lamella Trail

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Haha all good. Just really bad timing!

The only farm I use is the exotic yams and that I hate to use but getting them without having to fight the critters makes it right now a have to. For others, the weeping mushrooms, which is what gives the lamella, I can get it when I am gathering the star drop plants for the bitter beans and that is a chore because although I put a bean in a atlas I still don’t find many. Both are needed in forging.

Was on a planet that was recommended and did get more, but not as much as some state they do. My main girl just got enough skill points for her second page for me to give her the epic gatherer, luck and also the protection she needs for the critters to hopefully leave her alone. I did hang from a tree and toss titanium bombs at the might goats and got a horn, some meat and milk glands that I need for cooking pies.

On the shimmering orbs, the planets I can get them on, Delta C mainly I prefer to get out and get the road runners that give me eyes, the glands and ortstones. Also the lean meat for a cooking recipe and I can get the hoppers and spitters and get needed items from them, not as many eyes, but a few.

I’ll have to visit this farm! Might be super useful! :smiley:

Farmed my first smart stack on the Lamella trail. Good to see it open again!

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Glad to help a fellow artilleryman! Unless i misinterpereted your name…

Not gonna lie, i thought i left it closed and im outa town until monday. Itll be reopened for sure though.

Lol on the money about the name! The portals to the hubs were closed but not the trail to trail portals =).

Have now re-opened a portal to ICONICS resources hub on Besverona.

Also increased purchasing price of Lamellas from 10c to 15c

Currently the trail has 18 weeks of fuel and 5 weeks 2 days of oort.

Hunt at your leisure!


I’m guessing that the place I found searching for beans is your farm. I went through the portal at Ultima and had a bean in a atlas and there was able to get some then headed to another play. Had a glass “road” overtop of a area that had the stardrops under it. There were several outside of it.

Not a complaint, just curiosity, but are you going to put up glass or some blocks to keep the critters from getting under it. I was able to do the run this way and then sneak back, used to that, just wondering if you plan on making it so they can’t get under the glass, if that is your farm.

Between the two places I gathered just over 400 beans. And some shadow orbs. And some meat, bones, and got lucky and one hopper core, LOL.

Funny part was running from several mighty hoppers after me and came to a crevice and tried to stop but too late. Went tumbling down, good thing I always carry health brews with me. The funny part was I slipped into a cave and watched the hoppers fall and some landed in water and I was able to kill a couple, some slid and fell through another hole. Grappled up and no hoppers there to bother me as I gathered more beans.

No, that was not the Lanella Trail.

okay, It said it was something farm. Have memory problems so can’t remember the whole name, but since it said farm was wondering if it was yours.

I’ll have to visit your farm and check it out.

Access the resource hub at the hunt hive. Its right in the middle cant miss it. Find the hunt hive in Hunters courtyard, The New ultima, Gyosha mall, Legendville, ect ect.

Or a short walk from the Biitula PS hub. Head east. Ooor two portals located at the new Besevrona PS hub. Besverona Ultima hub.

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I have my own reactive farm but I’d like to check this out. What planet is it on? How do I get there?

On Besverona. See the above post for links to hubs.

I travel through Portal Seekers HUBS to Besverona, then look for Iconics resource network off to the side. Inside you’ll findmany farms including the “Lamella Trail”

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Where is your farm at? are the star drops mixed in with it? I have generally found them together and need both for my forging, just personal forging.

I don’t sell forged items, may on the ones that I don’t make good, would be seen as failed one, real cheap. Good for low/mid level players on level three and four planets for a help, but I make tools/weapons just for me and a couple friends.

Mines on a t3. Reactive inky and sweet beans. It’s kinda hidden but I’ll show you if you’re interested… after beating the reapers trials. Mwahahaha. :flushed: j/k.

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Re-opened lamella Blinds…



And Portals have been re-fueled and good for another 5 weeks.

Would the community be interested in a Lamela trail on Shedu Tier or another planet?