Public REACTIVE LAMELLA Farm - The Lamella Trail

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Announcing a new farm for the public!


3 locations with portals to/from each all around hot spots of Reactive lamellas.

Portal can be found under the PS Besverona HUB. / Iconic Resource Hub Besverona

Earn some coin selling Lamellas on site
Easy locations to find Reactive lamellas



Out of interest, are those forged tools?
I assume so for the price. How do they help farming lamella?

Yes they are all forged, and with damage.

If you were interested in taking fewer swings at each stalk, you could take advantage of each breath more. There are only a few with “That sinking feeling”. Quirks are not a strong suit of mine.

The tools are just a courtesy. My real goal is to purchase Lamellas at 25c to provide lower prices of tools within my shop. To do that, I need to offer the community easy access to a supply and easy access to a request basket.

3 Lamella blinds, 3 request baskets, over 60,000c to be had (Until I restock them soon)

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Is the lamella trail no longer active?

Portal is closed in PS Besevrona.

Like just about everything. I’ve given up trying to use these fancy places now. I just hunt, sell the Oort and buy what I need. It’s sad, but trying to gather enough mats to forge is ridiculous.

Run to nice area, place beacon ??? Profit. Gathering is super easy.

You can just add it to your locations, no need for a beacon. I think the current location cap is quite high?

So Sorry!! I ran out of Oort du to lack of time because of RL events.

I’ll be on in 10 hours to refuel the portals.

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Lol, no worries, it happens!

You have more dedication than I keeping it going.

With so many of these mines/farms popping up and disappearing, and some of the more established ones too, just wanted to check if it was still active.

Now I know, next time I need lamella I’ll be sure to use it.

Thanks for your efforts!

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Open for Gathering!

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Out of curiousity, How many people have used these portals?

  • I have enjoyed the convenience of this farm.
  • I have not.

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I tend to try and use it often but there’s always someone ahead of me no matter when I go. It is certainly used though. no footfall to show?

I have not because I didnt know about it or I did and simply forgot about it. But i’ll likely check it out next time I need reactive lamellas

I havent used it and didn’t know about it till recently. However it’s unlikely I’ll use it since I don’t even know what people use reactivate lamella for. :sweat_smile:

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I went to use it last week, but the portal was closed, so I just bought 300 Reactive Lamella.
I’ll certainly go take a look today. Hopefully it hasn’t been cleaned out just before I get there.

Used to make compound base for forging. Compounds are needed for every forge (its how you add the boon points)

That’s why I don’t use it :sweat_smile: but thanks for the info!

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Screwed up and got my ass kicked by a ton of critters, so warped home real quick. When I tried to come back, the portal had closed again!!!
If you do decide to keep it open, you might want to move it to the new PS Besevrona Hub, and update the price in the OP to 10c.

Yes, Thats exactly why it closed, I was in the process of moving it. I was looking to get ahold of Iconic to claim a portal in theirs farm mall, and I pulled the Oort prematurely,and then I got distracted with RL. I’ll have a portal open soon