Lamella Trail (Reactive Lamella Farm) - Norkyna -

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Introducing a New Lamella Trail!

For those who are familiar with the original “Lamella Trail” on Besverona, Now there’s a new trail on Norkyna! Accessible from the TNT hub on Norkyna (Next to Paka’s Amethyst Mine) -This one is actually designed…lol

((TNT can I get a name above my portal “Lamella Trail” - Thank You!))

For those unfamiliar with the Lamella Trail… This trail provides easy access to (3) hot spots for Reactive Lamellas. Each Lamella blind comes with a portal and request basket purhasing lamellas. They also provide a bit of protection from all the baddies out there looking to kill you. But BEWARE - These blinds are not completely impenetrable.

Reactive Lamellas are important because they are needed to make the Base for Compounds needed to forge everything.

Lamellas are also not able to be farmed in a traditional sense with protected walls and regen bombs. So I thought i would provide a few locations to make your collecting easy!

Disclaimer - I really built these as a public service for personal gain. I forge…alot… and I go through lots of lamellas. So I thought I would create a way to purchase from the source.

Original farm - Still in operation!


Can do! Ill get it labeled tomorrow!


Thank you very much!!


Ive kept the original trail operational for about a year now, and plan to keep this one open indefinatly as well. With that being said, portals may close temporarily if my oort reserves run out. I will re-open them soon as I can if that happens.

Hey Mittins,

very nice farm spot with beautiful landscape.
Thanks for that!

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Your welcome!

Im honored to have earned your first reply in 12 mo :wink:

And another thank you, as I was thinking of reposting this soon anyways to remind/introduce it for anybody who is recently getting into forging.

Ill be sure to keep the portals fueled!