Public request...only a request

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Again this is only a Request… I have no rite to prevent you from anything.

This Saturday will be the Meteor Tournament, And to attempt to provide an exciting expierence I need to try to do anything I can. Would some of you be so kind to hold off from hunting meteors on T3 Planets in the morning of USA and the early afternoon in Europe? If you say no, or don’t care, your welcome to.

I only politely ask for the community favor… Thank you!!

  • Yes, because your so kind…
  • No, I want to hunt…

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I usually avoid meteors already (building on T1) so other than gleambows I only do that with hunts anyway.
I can make saturday a building day :slight_smile:

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you’re** :stuck_out_tongue:

I hunt late weeknights, So ill be out of yalls way.

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Everyday I get to play is a building day for me lately and I’ve been buying my Oort. So I’ll be out of your way. But, only because you’re so kind. :grin:

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I wish I could say I am surprised at the positive response from the community. But the Boundless community has always been pretty great

There’s always 1…

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I feel sorry for which ever team gets placed on my home world. Imdaari.

Or Lamblis. Most likely just as bad.

However I will likely still be asleep at the time this event is happening. So you don’t need to worry about me doing stuff on Imdaari

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I’ve held off on hunting meteors for approximately the last 10 months.

As a gesture of good faith, I’ve consulted with my board of directors and we’ve agreed to continue this policy through the duration of your tournament.



You indeed are of Good Quality Sir! I shall Thank you for your sacrifice by taking advantage of every minute!

Best lol this morning…

I only hunt T3 planets at the moment and I only get to really play on a weekend!!

But I am a solo noob and do not tend to hunt many at a time, so I don’t think I’d be affecting you.

are there any planets where you won’t be having the contest? maybe I could try stick to somewhere you don’t plan on using x

We are planning to hunt each of the 9 T3 planets. Specifically at 10AM CST or 3pm UTC. If maybe just for an hour before that would help out immensily. If I could encourage you in game with some loot, I will gladly assist your T4 Expedition this weekend.

I’m in the UK, so I’ll try hold off from 2pm that day and focus on building, hopefully that will help xx

I’m just trying to get as much oort as I possibly can for my new portal hub!!

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Sorry, Would like everyone to see this.

Thank you.

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I’ll be sure not to be on those planets for building or anything! Thanks for the heads up!!!

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