Public t6 sovs for diamond/ruby

After 2yrs away I introduced my Mrs to the game as a way to switch off and relax. 3 days later and she’s hooked & I’m back playing.

I used to have a lot of sovs etc and have made my own sapphire planet. Need to forge more hammers and diamonds required as a result.

Has anyone got a good diamond planet that can be used?

Emerald and Amy would be appreciated also



Feel free to use my SOV for diamonds. It’s amazing (in my opinion) very high concentration.

Planet: Sophie Ellis Bextor - and the portal is at TNT Kol Huroo.

Enjoy !


Welcome Back @ghandymarshall :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Welcome back bro! I thought I saw you at TNT so I was not dreaming it lol

I have a diamond too its free to be used

I had a go at your diamond mine and it was great. However, it was murder on the dancefloor!


Yeah, I’d been thinking of coming back for a while. In a bit of a weird place though- in terms of plans.

I’m on my ps4 character to build a workshop and empty endless reclaim before I go onto my pc toon to start to play on permanently

Didn’t fancy levelling up from zero with no plots and no way round the awful pain of 1st coils etc.

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Awesome take a tour later. Is there any portal or do I need to take a warp augment with me

Yeah portal is at TNT Kol Huroo

Forlorn Outpost - Diamonds - off Norkyna TNT, Dragon Network and Pharoa’s Network.
Rose Ruby - Ruby - off Shedu Tier - through the Bat :bat:portal on TNT, Dragon and Pharoa’s Networks

Neither of these planets have colors locked so they are resource only drops (no rock collections)