Put seeds into Cultivator (Like atlas)

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So, the general idea being you can plant a fertilized seed directly FROM the cultivator.

This would “hopefully” turn it into a tool that can be forged with AoE, speed, and dura.

-It would create new demand for these cultivators (which really aren’t in demand at all…)
-Save time on farming (no need to plant, then go back over with fert… just makes it less of a chore)
-The ability to plant 3x3, which is really what is holding farming back atm
-Uses mechanics already in-game (not that i know much about game dev, but seems like its easier than adding all new mechanics)

It would do a number of things to boost farming without going overboard or making it “too” easy. as you would still have to put in the forging work, and harvest/planting