PVP and Content Idea


So in many survival crafting games, PVP gets forced on the players. These games end up with a ton of griefers playing.

My idea for PVP, if it is added is to split the world into 4 different worlds.

US East-PVE: No PVP/base raiding allowed
US East-PVP/PVE: You can toggle PVP mode. If it is on, you can attack and be attacked by others with the mod on. No base raiding
US East-PVP: Can always attack or be attacked by other players. No base raiding.
US East-Hardcore: Can always be attacked and bases can be destroyed/raided.

All PVE worlds are linked. All PVP/PVE worlds are linked, etc


So I am not far in the game at all so some of these ideas may exist

  1. Cooking food to provide buffs
  2. Cooking with plants for medicine
  3. Architecture: Create building plans for others. The layout will show as a faded building and how to build it.
  4. Farming to grow ingredients and plants

Cooking and Medicine Idea


I am fine if there are regions on a planet that are PVP… something called like Badlands, etc. I do not think server types should be separated unless you can be sure that there are thousands of people playing. Honestly I would prefer to be able to play with all types of people and just know not to go into an area or build there because I will be fair game. Plus keeping everything together allows us to have shops supporting PVP activity while we just might not participate in it. Otherwise I think keeping the economy going might be hard.

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For PvP look here:


  1. & 2. are nice ideas, haven’t read about them before.

For 3. there were already many discussions as for PvP. Farming is probably coming, but not in 1.0 i.e. officially released game will not have it.

I’m fine with Pvp so long as the goal of it is to Pvp. One of Eve Online’s turn offs for me was having necessary resources in major Pvp zones. Elder Scrolls Online has Pve world’s and Pvp world’s separate. There is pvp content for pvp players in the pvp zone with rewards that are tailored for pvp. If you only want to pve then you can get the best pve equipment from pve challenges. This separation makes sense to me as forcing pvp and pve players together only ever ends in drama over forums. Look at Rust for that. The two types of players have very different goals from the game and so tend to be dissatisfied with playing content that doesn’t help them meet those goals.
In short, I’d prefer to see pvp world’s with either the same resources as pve world’s (pvp being the main aim, not resource gathering) or pvp world’s have resources (percentage of the world controlled bonus, resources to make items that specifically boost pvp skill sets).


I agree with you, @Feign. When I play a game for its PvE content I reeeally don’t want to have to bother with its PvP elements. I’m not against PvP, I just want to be focusing on either PvE or PvP, so dedicated PvP zones/Worlds/instances that doesn’t have better resources, is the way to go imo.

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If you want to know more about the cooking and medicine idea I made this post. Support Idea

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Yeah that is a good point. I certainly meant in my post that we shouldn’t be forced to go into PVP lands for something and instead it should still be an option. But, overall I still believe that having both groups of people on the same servers is better to keep population numbers up. That doesn’t mean you can’t have worlds that are like the wild west where there are no laws. Mixing stuff adds dynamics to the game and believe it will help the player economy.

Just look at the economy now with only a few people able to sell stuff over so many shops. Player numbers are very low and we have no idea how they will rise as the game comes into the public eye. Separating markets could be very dangerous and ruin it.

Eve Online was fine if had the developers make High Sec more secure by allowing players to kill PVP players with low standings on sight and not get flagged themselves and made low sec not a requirements for certain things. Beyond that their economy model shows how both sides can support each other and make the game a success.

In regards to Rust the context of the game is survival with killing and the devs are doing everything to FORCE PVP in the game. So you will attract those type of people that want to hurt others and take their stuff. Also there is no safe zone for non-PVP. But, I have seen plenty of servers where both PVE and PVP people do respect not killing. Of course that is VERY rare.

Anyway as long as the Devs clearly define what this game is – survival, player economy, building, with specific zoned PVP then I think that keeps it easy. I don’t want PVP everywhere in this game but wouldn’t mind it as well as I will just sell them their supplies and bring home lots of money. :slight_smile:


What if you could use PVP Beacons you could mark off the zone you wanted. They would work differently from Home Beacons as you would not have to mark off plots with them just the plot you set it on and you could make off the zone you wanted to be PVP . We would have to find a way to let people know that they have enter the PVP zone. Just a thought :crazy_face:

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