PvP beacon function

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I think there should be some type of bait you can craft that would attract different types of mobs then you can just sit there and farm them


Actually I think it is the developers that have expressed an anti-NPC stance and not the majority of players. The developers want player created worlds and interactions. So if you have anyone to convince I think it is the developers and not other players.


An attacking NPC horde could just as easily be animals as people. No real difference from a gameplay perspective.


Not disagreeing with the point. You could argue it is a reskin with a different sound affect, but my point was the developers are the ones that would need to be convinced to bring in NPC characters not other players.


It’s not unreasonable of something to have in the game. If it comes down to them strictly being against it versus more players buying the game, then I think what is more healthy for the longevity of the game and is good business sense is what should come first. At least that’s one person’s perceptive.

In the end, if people aren’t buying your product then people don’t want it. If another product gives the consumer more of what they want they will then just buy that product and consume that product instead. It’s kind of why there was a stretch of time where MMOs kept getting released and failing 6 to 12 months after they were brought to market.

Then again, I also don’t want to see Boundless be a copy of other games. It would just be nice to see certain mechanics actually considered that other games use and to see how it would work to bring them into Boundless.

I think it would be pretty hilarious to see a NPC faction’s settlement get attacked by a Titan/Protectors and then players come in and mop it up or interfere early on. That kind of stuff sounds incredibly fun.

It doesn’t actually have to be a NPC faction that builds a settlement, etc. It could be nests of creatures that infect blocks, expand, etc. It doesn’t have to be a humanoid faction. It can be just about anything and regardless of what it is, the idea still stands to be one hell of a fun sounding thing to face off against.


Kinda sounds like an open air dungeon :+1: (dungeons = yesssss)

I think this is basicially just PVM, right?


From my understanding, they are already working on dungeons (I don’t have a source to cite, just from what I’ve been told by a reliable source). It’s these kinds of player driven suggestions they should listen to if it’s going to bring more depth to the game and give incentive to prospecting players to buy the game in the first place.

I think from a builder and explorer perceptive, dungeons will make for a really cool addition to the game. This is of course if they don’t give us half a game system and feature. Although, I think the devs understand it’s a pretty significant game feature.


I am not fine with them at all. One of the things I love about boundless is that it has no PVP. I hope it never adds it.


But that great thing about it would be if u didn’t like pvp u wouldn’t have to part take in it because it would be a setting within ur beacon


So we split the planets into PvP and non-PvP beacons? So what happens when a new player enters a PvP beacon? So what happens when players surround portal hubs and resources with PvP beacons?

Think the best solution is letting players set up their own PvP planets when rented planets are allowed. Then players can make their own rules and make it as deadly as they want without affecting the rest of the player base or the public universe.


I would rather we not get PvP in boundless. It goes against the peaceful nature and relaxing atmosphere of the game. Plus PvP tend to bring more “toxic” players to a game, and that would be awful since Boundless has such a great community.

That being said, if PvP beacons were added, I would build an arena of death with several ways in, but only one practical way out, and a few shop stands selling goods super cheap. I would watch the chaos from the comfort of my “tv” in my house via warp blocks, and laugh manically.