PvP beacon function

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So I was sitting here reading thru the threads and I thought why don’t they add a pvp function to beacons where you can turn it on or of if you want pvp on and I’m not talking like destroying builds I’m talking it just allows you to attack each other so we can build battle domes and etc



I do like this idea though. New lattice chisels should allow some people to recreate some badass mad max thunderdomes! :sunglasses:


Yes this sounds amazing


Interesting, it’s a great idea really.:heart_eyes:


I think this idea is interesting, but as many stated on my thread, people wouldn’t want to wander in accidentally.

How about using the portal mechanic for this somehow? Go through a PVP portal to get teleported to an “alternate version” of the same beacon - you can’t exit the beacon other than via a PVP portal or return to sanctum; you can only fight others in the PvP realm. That said, PVPers could probably camp these portals for an advantage.

The other way I can think of doing this would be to make the boundaries impassable until users consent via some sort of click through.

I’ve also suggested PVP only planets before - no shop stands or gathering on these worlds, just building and fighting.


Last time I asked James about this he said he wanted to explore the possibility of pvp worlds. Until the game has a significant increase in game mechanics, features and players I don’t really see it being worth the time and effort to create that form of PvP. A dueling mechanic is probably the easiest.

Then again, people are going to raise their pitchforks and torches at any testing patch notes for pvp. They need to get over it though.

EDIT: If they aren’t going to complain about pvp they will about something else and just call it constructive feedback. To me that’s pretty toxic behavior.


I think that’s why a dueling mechanic is a good start. It’s very unobtrusive IMO and would give non-PVPers a chance to see that PVP won’t affect their gameplay too much. Though there will always be complaints…


True. I just want more stuff to do in the game.

If we had a pretty expansive fishing system and farming got an update with more crops and even ranching, then I’d be pretty happy.

Basically I would like to do something like this: mine for 2 hours, go to my base and sort storage to then update crafting ques, potentially build for a little bit, manage farm, pvp a little bit, fish afterwards, design a vehicle (we need vehicles and vehicle designing), manage a shop and its inventory, etc.

Some of these things I can’t do right now mainly because of in game limitations of where I am at and how I am setup. Other things on that list I can’t do because they aren’t in the game or don’t have enough variety to them to suit me.

The issue I have with things like Farming is just about everything about it was discovered (crop and seed yields along with how useless fertilizer is) in about a week’s time. I almost feel like fishing should have been given to us along with Farming. After all, commercial fishing farms are a thing in real life. :man_shrugging:

I get the other side of this too: implement something simple enough to see if it actually merits expanding upon. However, that almost feels like a half-assed reason to me. Go all in on a feature to make it as interesting, fun, and replayable as possible. Not claiming Farming isn’t, just saying that’s what I would have like to have felt had happened. Just an outside perceptive from one person.

The two things I want in the game right now are vehicles and Titans.

I honestly would love to have pvp battles in a vehicle against someone else’s vehicle. If we can design them and all that would be cool. That’s a game feature and system I wouldn’t mind being complex because of what it would bring to the game and give to a player.

I just don’t want PvP, when implemented, to be some half-assed game feature. It deserves to have just as much attention as everything else in the game. Regardless of what the anti-pvp people think.

Anyways, I am starting to go off topic. I think you get what I am trying to say.


I feel you. I’m not even a huge PVPer, but I think some sort of castle defense would be neat. Something like in Conan or Rust or Ark where different building materials have different HP values and you have to blow your way in while under attack to steal stuff. This would obviously take a ton of work, but it would be so fun!


Well if we don’t get PvP, then I’d like it if there was some sort of NPC faction that actually tried to portal in, colonize a world (with plots and beacons and everything) to then start invading people’s settlements and attacking players. They would also hunt creatures and defend themselves from the hostile ones like Hunter, Cuttles, and Spitters… and later on Titans.

I don’t even care if people don’t want NPCs. We already have them. They are creatures. Those people need to get over this anti-NPC stance. We. Already. Have. Them.

The thing is we need to fill in voids of time with dynamic activities that give players a goal that can be solo’ed or group cleared.

I am pretty confident people would like that kind of game feature and system even if they are initially against it.

Don’t like the NPC faction cause they took some ideal real estate on a world that you want? Like the blocks they’re using? Conquer them. Wipe them out. Take the spoils of your victory back to your base.

Sounds just as fun as dueling people or having wild wild west PvP worlds. The more people have to do in the game the more they’ll continue playing. This is historically a fact in every single multiplayer video game. Heck, I’d love to have some sort of Paint Ball pvp game mode that we can craft into the game. Have a paint ball arena and if someone is hit they warp to a lobby space or spectator stand (probably new item that you make with a plinth).


Have had this exact same thought. It would be a super fun element. Maybe on t4+ worlds.


No way. (edit to add: you can have this on your rental planet lol)

Telling people to “get over it”…is a bit hostile imo. You keep saying people are complaining, but you are doing just that.

I’m sure most people are fine with PVP elements, as long as it’s voluntary & contained. I’m sure it would be fine if some NPCs were added. Most people want fishing, etc. Vehicles would be great. We’re all looking forward to Titans, etc. I agree with 99.9% of your suggestions.


Yup I’ve had this thought too, from Conan actually, where periodically you get raided by hordes. The larger your build is in Conan, the more frequent and the larger the raid groups are. They eventually give up if you are offline, but they do some damage to your build.

I do feel strongly though that anything outside of the “typical” current BL experience should be highly segregated, hence my earlier suggestions about PvP worlds as opposed to being something you could wander into by accident. I think me and major are on the same page here. Add features but don’t upset the current sheeple.


Pretty sure that’s what this dev team has always done. Every system we’ve seen so far has more or less been pretty stellar. If they opt to do anything PvP, I think they know the best way to do it for Boundless.


Yeah Conan had a pretty good system for that. You could even have guards that could help defend your build.

In that case, give me some turrets that run off Spark! :+1:


Oh I totally agree, but I think it’s good to look at the level of discomfort above from some posters about PvP. I think it is best/easiest for everyone if the pro PvP people reassure the anti PvP people that they don’t want to intrude, so all sides can agree that there are ways of making this happen that would be acceptable to everyone (or most). The devs would therefore have a greater comfort level in implementing something like this.


I really want pets in boundless, even if it’s ESO style cosmetic only pets. Guard aninals would be really cool though :slight_smile:


I want them to be functional in some way. Even if it just increases inventory. I think things with animals could be done through Farming if Ranching was added in.

Anyways, that’s getting a little off topic. :rofl:


Oh man I’d kill for an elephant pet that could follow me around with a full second inventory.