PVP Ideas Updated

This is my PVP idea mixed with ideas that other people have commented.

Biggest note: PVP should not be forced on us

Options on how PVP Combat works

  1. On each server, there are two worlds. For example on US-East: PVP Solumn and PVE Solumn. You can switch between these worlds in the Sanctuary at any time.

  2. On one planet, there are PVP and PVE areas. When entering a PVP area, you will get a warning. For the first minute in this area, you can not be attacked by other players.

  3. Players build the PVP areas themselves with beacons. These beacons and beaconed areas do not belong to any specific player and do not require fuel. It simply makes the area a PVP zone.

  4. You can toggle your status, similar to in WOW. You can turn PVP on. This means you can be attacked and attack only players who also have this status on.

  5. You can select a player and duel them. This lasts until one person is dead or leaves the outlined area.

Options on PVP Raiding/Looting

  1. You can craft a PVP beacon it can be placed in PVP/PVE areas… This will work the same as a beacon, but a player with PVP status can destroy it and loot your items. They can not destroy the beacon and crafting table however.

  2. If you place a beacon in a PVP area, it is open for people to attack. Beacon and crafting table can not be destroyed though.

What you lose/gain in PVP

  1. Winner gets all items in loser’s inventory and hands. Winner gets 20% of loser’s money.

  2. Winner gets experience points they can spend in combat skills or a PVP skill tree that could exist later.

  3. The PVP winner, unless it is a duel, will get put on a “blacklist.” This list can be accessed by anyone. This means no matter where the winner is or their status, they can be killed in the next in game hour. Shops can also choose to not allow blacklisted players to sell to them. If this person kills ___ amount of people in a certain time, they may get stalked by a special creature for ___time. This creature is very hard to kill and may attack them. This hour countdown stops if they log off, so when they log back on, they will still be blacklisted.

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Combat in general needs to be further fleshed out before we really start discussing how to best fight each other. But that’s just my own opinion.

Right now, there really lacks much versatility in combat, and in most cases combat would be decided purely based on health stats and weapon tier alone. Further more, the wide discrepancy between players with talent points in combat and those with none creates a tremendous gap in combat potential. A single player with full point investment in combat and health/resistance and even fundamental pvp skills could likely massacre any other profession 10 against 1. The simple fact is that the game lends itself poorly to fair pvp play on a large scale.

Small scale pvp could be viable however. Arena zones and duels seem to be viable. Though I would personally prefer to avoid full blown pvp planets.

I certainly would not encourage winner loots the dead type mechanics, as this can make a single death completely ruin a players ability to fight back after respawn. Basic equipment damage should be loss enough. Putting too much reward incentive to killing another player fosters a toxic game play style that goes directly against the intended community experience.


I updated it to show a punishment for PVP winners.