PVP Implementation Idea?

So I was talking with a few friends about the ongoing discussion everyone’s had for PVP, and I had an idea that I was curious how everyone else felt about this.

The idea for PVP is nothing new (but if the devs have completely shut down that idea, then so be it and that closes this forum topic).

However, I noticed that each planet has a moon. Since there are 50 planets in total, let’s set up 25 for PS4 players and 25 for PC players to get to the moon, having it be an ongoing battle for the viceroy title for the planet’s through PVP. The world would be significantly smaller (maybe 5-10 sections).

There’s obviously a lot to go into this to make it happen, if it were to happen, and I’m more than positive that there are other ideas to add onto this. So either way, I’m sure anything like this is long down the road.

So, what are the thoughts?


Not trying to shut down your idea - I mean, it sounds cool - but gawd the thought of pvp in Boundless makes me sick to me stomach. Maybe one day, but man-oh-man are we not quite there yet (in my opinion…)



Not everyone talking about it…But seems like a world for PvP would be cool.i would hate to see a friendly game turn into a bunch of dicks harassing people’s bases like ark. Conan …


If you had it on moons as he suggested, then it’s not on the planets. You can continue to play as you always did. The PVP is isolated and optional to those moons only.

Personally, I’m probably not going to participate in it but what I hope it does is potentially attract more players to the game. More players means potentially more content. At least the way I view it.

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Yeah I read what was suggested, but thanks for the clarification. :ok_hand:t2:

My post was about PVP in Boundles in general; not about the OPs individual suggestion.

Why I don’t see PVP near feature, it will cause more drama: latency between players who play from different physical locations will increase drama even more and there will be more drama around balancing skills for pvp.

If PVP is about aim to head and shoot I think there is better games for that. So instead I would like to see possibility of making own fun competing games. For example releasing ball that players could imitate and/or create own games for Boundless. CTF migt be be also cool

Nah, you’re completely fine with shutting it down! haha!

I completely agree that Boundless is nowhere near ready for a PVP addition, but thinking above making it isolated from the rest of the game by placing it on the moons of each planet may help keep the two aspects of the game completely separated.


If any PVP is added, I think it should be on the backburner for quite some time, like at least a year or two. There’s a lot more stuff that needs to be fixed first.

That said, I’m not against some small scale PVP stuff like gladiator arenas.

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I like the idea of having pvp worlds however you phrase it, these could have a tighter player cap or whatever is necessary to try and minimise lag / latency differences for that world alone, assuming you’d want to optimise performance. I’m sure the pvp hungry fans would even settle for some lower performance / details in other aspects on such a planet as long as it makes the pvp experience a bearable one.

My only worry about this is, I would really prefer that pvp and pve NOT be hard - separated by something like an isolated world. Please read on: As a pve player, i would be really interested in things like gladiatorial arenas, actual Spleef2Death and whatever else the community can come up with.

I want to be a spectator without having to enter a pvp zone. I want to be safe in my booster seat watching carnage knowing that i wont get clipped in the head by a stray fist (or some random ungood-doer skulking through the crowd behind me)

The diversification of content seems great to me. I had heard what a pvp world did, but the idea of the moons sounds good. PVP could also be instantiated if it is not technically possible to make a PVP world by latency. Or with games like “capture the flag (in our case, the beacon)”. I imagine them like this: you have a reduced time since you have put the beacon to build your fortress, during that time you can build quietly without being attacked, but once time has passed, you may be attacked and break the blocks until that access the beacon and conquer it. With some kind of PVP Prestige because it depends on the time you have managed to maintain a strength and to conquer them. Or any other form of PVP, even if it is only 1vs1 duels but some form of PVP would be great to vary a bit when you get stuck by the materials or in your construction, or just to vary a little.

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Aragorn I’m just borrowing your phrasing here…

I kind of want to have this attitude, but I can’t. Looking at all this game has to offer (however you feel about that) I’m vehemently against any idea that attracts an audience who wouldn’t otherwise play “because it has PVP”.

In light of this I’m basically against any system that confers points, ranks, or titles based on PVP.

Any system that allows players to earn skill points, coins or gear via PVP is a HARD NO along with any dueling or challenge mode that allows PVP challenges to be made in open/public worlds. All I see is this leading to direct player to player griefing as I’ve seen and experienced in games with similar systems.

IDK but for what it’s worth, that’s my opinion on the matter. I know there are plenty of players here who would like it both ways and this seems like a well thought out idea for such a system, but I would personally still be unhappy to see it added to the game.




yeah minigames just put hit counters on snowballs
would keep me busy for days

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That’s a great idea.

Or now that we have paint, we can add paintball “fights”…the splat lasts hours


I think PVP will grow the game for sure and could help the economy and a million other things. But it has to be put into the right area with either it’s own zone or a switch that people can select to enable PVP. I prefer the zone thing - these planets or moons (interesting idea btw) are the PVP areas. As long as all resources can be gotten on pvp/no pvp sides then I personally don’t care if it exists. They need to support development still for the non-PVP people and not force us to PVP. But if we want to offer that service to players then fine - put them in a clearly marked sandbox.

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No offence taken. Discussions are good to bring all ideas to the table. Everyone is better when we consider all points of view.

Your opinion is important to the discussion.

PvE is a bit of a mess at this time as far as I am concerned, I would like PvE combat roles, of DPS, Healer and Tank to all be fixed, and have meaningful and useful options going for each role, before PvP is up for consideration, otherwise i just see it being a frustrating mess.

Exactly. The isolation bit is a good idea; I’ll give you that. I’d just like to see the combat system in Boundless evolve by leaps and bounds before we start adding any form of actual PVP (if ever.)

Prestige wars, settlement absorption and beacon boundaries make some of us sweat enough as it is! :sweat_smile:

I think you put it on private planets to give the players that want PvP the chance to make it as easy or brutal as they want. This way the developers are not having to deal with the “it is to easy” or " it is too difficult" complaints. I do agree that more weapons and maybe more fleshed out combat would be a nice add before players would probably enjoy it.