Q&A: End Game

That would emediatly make all starter worlds seriously dangerious so probably not ^.^

I guess they are created dangerious and stay that way :smile:


It´s going to be quite interesting how hard “really hard” is going to be. (Are we talking about Dark Souls or just ‘entering a new region in WoW with a slightly to low lvl’ ? )

And something even more important:
Will we still be able to roam around alone on the hardest worlds or will the creatures there be hard enough to force players to group?


What kind of harsher survival conditions? Will we have to survive against environmental hazards like lava pits and poison gas, and carnivorous plants, or are we facing things like extreme heat/cold, dehydration, lack of food sources, poor atmoshphere, etc?


Definitely some really good questions there, interested to hear the answers :smiley:

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I know we kinda decided against higher or lower gravity but I think it could be cool on the really hardcore worlds, as that really mess peoples cordiantion up a lot.


The end game seems cool I think we will need some company to survive, going alone would be our death

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Or a challenge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

AWESOME!!! I rly am looking forward to all of this and i rly want to explore those dangerous worlds and maybe capitalize on them :stuck_out_tongue:. Also varying difficulty titans is exciting to hear, but how do u tell if its a more difficult one without going up to it and being shredded

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Not being allowed to jump in a world could spice things up a bit, or a lot :smiley:.


Give it something like raid bosses in temples ? or are all protectors raid bosses ?

what we need to do for dominating a region ?

sounds good XD

if i start with a friend is it possible to start on the same place ?

i will try the hardcore version XD i will not wait longer :smile:

the idea is good, but i prefer weekly challenges so every one has the same chance to do all, because not everyone has every day time, enough time to do all.

It’s “financial” domination so I assume it’s based on guild wealth or income.


Maybe not that much but increasing jump hight or increasing fall speed and damage, quickly mess peoples cordination up A lot

How do we find “our way” to the hardest words ? i imagine that low / medium difficult worlds could be found just by “open a portal” while the entrance to the hardest worlds need to be discovered in a sort of “paper chase” hints for how to open the portal to this worlds are spread over a lot of other worlds and places all guiding to other placed to visit and in the long run you find the informations (ingredients, keys, accesses) to open a portal to the hardest worlds. this would attract players to roam around and look in dark caves and abandoned places because they hope to find “secrets” to find the way to other worlds.

Once a secret is found it will spawn in an other location or even an other world so people can’t write silly “go there and pick it” guides.


If it’s going to be hard to even survive on the hardest worlds, we’ll there be anything stopping people from simply acquiring the resources and living somewhere safer? Will there be any incentive to actually live in these worlds?

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Well, to be fair, I think saying simply acquire the resources and live elsewhere severely understates the threat potential. Your initial arrival would either drop you in a wilderness or guild protected settlement depending on how you travel there (travel via a guild portal will likely have a cost or tax to use). Then, you need to actually find these resources, find oort stone from that planet to create a new portal, and leave. That’s potentially hours in the wilderness looking for resources, plenty of time for dangerous encounters.

Incentives to live in these worlds may be lower cost to access portals, a safe base of operation, and readily available supplies and resources at your home without the cost of portaling home frequently.


words, and other words

@olliepurkiss if you are responsible for thinking about lategame events. Here was a thread with ideas for achievements.

Guess you also find ideas for team “events”.

That post was made by another Dev, so I’d think it’s safe to say Ollie has seen it.
Oh, wow! that thread is over a year old now!

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ah yeah cant wait exploring those worlds

Maybe Tournaments between Players\ Guilds\ Servers? It would be good thing to do after kicking titans A$$
And Tournaments could be not just outdated PVP (ewww…), maybe alien horse races, Archer competitions or even HUNGER GAMES.
Everybody loves such events. (my opinion).
Only advanced players could get pass to the tournaments… (maybe something really hard to craft as one time pass…)