Q about Spark Link

Is it possible to connect Spark Link from a Generator (or multiple) to multiple machines?

I tried to connect Spark Link to my Mixer and it works fine, but when I continue it to my Workbench, it doesn’t work.

The Spark Line is dark.

So, what are the ‘rules’ concerning this?


You might want to check your distance from the spark generators and potentially move your machine closer. You can have a maximum of 100 spark line blocks. I have about 12 machines connected to my spark generator stack.

Are you trying to link through a machine? The link is like a cable - it has to run unbroken to each machine.


The genie is 6 blocks away.

Yeah, that’s it.

Now I just need to find a clean way of running the lines.



yeah the spark needs to be a continuous line to each machine it connects to

The spark doesn’t go through machines so you can’t connect them one after the other unless you run the spark line in one run branching off to each machine

Do you have room to run them under the floor just connecting to the base of each machine?

Can you just place a 100 cable then spark generator then another hundred cable

I tried that but you can’t place blocks over the spark lines.

.I thought it’d be cool to run the lines in the floor and cover with glass.

I’ll have to look online for some examples.

If anyone has any good layouts I’d love to see them.

I dug two blocks down laid the spark cords and then put the glass over. And where it comes up to connect to the machine it’s open but then my machine is one block above.
Head to mom and pops and then to nixia head down to the workshop and then down into the basement and you can see it

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I did the same thing as Envyv77 said, 2 blocks down and then covered with glass and just brought the spark link up directly under each machine.

my personal way to connect machines to a single line

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