Q about the Atlas

I know how it works for finding ore etc, but its not filling in new areas I’m uncovering.

I’m in a new area and found a settlement, but the Atlas still shows all blue around me.

Do I need to do something to get it to fill in?


You need to find the center of the zone for it to fill in. Go the opposite direction you see in the Compass when it has ??? at the end of it. That is how you find the center. So if it says “south of ???” - head north. SW - head NE. etc…

You have to “discover” the region, which requires physically going to the center of it. To do this just follow the cardinal direction listed on the compass. (technically the opposite, since if you’re East of the location, you go West to reach it.)


It literally filled in as I read your message.

Thanks a lot.

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