Q: Can I use a gamepad on Windows / Mac?

The following gamepads are natively supported on Windows:

  • Playstation DualShock 4
  • Xbox 360 Controller

Gamepads are not support on Mac.


My 360 controller does not work fully. I can not use the right stick to look around. I got no issues with other games. Tried changing the batteries too, still same issue.

Just bought the release version. Are there any plans to add Gamepad support to the Mac version? I notice there seem to be some menu entries related, but it didn’t work.

I use an Xbox one controller from walmart. Everything works perfectly.


Steam controllers work too!
Apparently its the best of both worlds because you can use the left touch pad like a mouse! (Well, trackpad)

Hey there! I stumbled upon this thread while looking for some information on gamepads for my Windows computer. I appreciate the information provided about natively supported gamepads, and it’s good to know that Steam controllers work too! I’ve also been doing some research and found some helpful discussions on the Reddit windows keys community regarding gamepads, so I thought I’d share that with others who might be interested. Again, apologies for reviving an old thread, but hopefully, this can be useful to someone.

I tested a Playstation DualShock 3 and that works perfectly fine too.

@calebistifan have fun playing Boundless.