Q: How to find diamonds on Andooweem

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So I’ve been running around in a cave on Andooweem looking for diamonds between altitude 5 and 30. Supposively it’s under sand and secondly dirt.

Maybe I am in the wrong cave but I haven’t been able to find any diamonds after an hour of looking.

Any tips or should I just find a new cave to search in? I have found a handful of Gleam though so it isn’t like I didn’t get anything out of my diamond searching.

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I’ll have to try that. I can mine them with an Iron Hammer though right? That’s about as far as I am in terms of tool level.

I just want to be able to get gems so I can finally make gem tools so I can mine out my new project’s space for me to start designing it.

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I don’t think iron would mine gems. Silver and gold is first to be able to. They are not that hard to make :smiley:

Okay I’ll have to go searching for silver. I find more of it than I do gold.

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I find a lot of daimonds on Andoween. There are more daimond veins then titanium and gold veins! But you have to know where to look. I find most of them UNDER the lava level. Best is to tunnel 2 blocks above the mantle layer. For some reason the first 10 layers are mostly rock and not much lave pools (as opposed to Vulpto) so if you keep your wits up you should be ok. Daimond seems to spawn mostly near normal coal veins and iron veins.

I tunnel with daimond hammers since you can dig out 3 by 3 tunnels that way, but an emerald hammer should work fine as well. For digging out gems i think you need to have at least gold hammers so i suggest getting at least to that before venturing out. Titanium hammers would be better i guess. I find about 80 daimonds before my daimond or emerald hammer worns out so i am building up a steady pile of daimond tools now.

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Well I have to first get enough gold to do that. I have more silver than I have gold. Would silver work?

Silver can’t mine gems, only gold

Ahh well this is going to take me a while then.

It is pretty easy to get gold and get yourself a gold hammer for mining gems. The easiest way is to purchase a gold hammer from a shop. I sell some gold hammers in my shop at Munteen Paradise and there are several other players that also sell them. But if you want to do it on your own without buying one check out my latest Boundless video where I am working on getting ready to go looking for some Rubies on Vulpto. I get the stuff together to craft a gold hammer in this episode.


Thanks for sharing the video. I guess I just need to do some strip mining. I am currently doing that in my mining spot on Epsilo but I might switch it over to Solum once I’ve completed this second strip mining strip.

Finding plenty of silver just not a lot of gold. So far around 13 and I’ve been at it for about 45 minutes.

What level are you? Unless you are solely set on being able to make the gold hammers yourself to get gems for your own accomplishment I would highly recommend just buying a hammer or 2 from a shop. They generally run between 500-700 coin depending on the shop. Which you get decent amount of coin from leveling and can probably afford to buy a couple. I do understand the feeling of accomplishment though of doing it on your own and that is why on my series I am doing most of the stuff on my own without buying the items.

level 21 about to hit 22. I really don’t want to spend that kind of coin on gold hammers. I don’t know if I am going to need to buy other stuff in the future and I don’t have a shop with a bunch of stuff in it right now. That’s why I want to get to gem tools quickly so I have something to offer.