Q: I'm having connection / lag issues - help!?


These values all look fine - so you’re connection should be fine.

A couple of possible issues:

  1. You’re playing on wireless and the signal is quite variable. As a test - try playing wired and see if it’s a big difference.

  2. There is contention on your local network, either within you home or in your local neighbour hood. Try playing the game and leaving the ping command running alongside it. If the connection stalls what is happening with the ping?

  3. Try reducing your Networking option of Chunks Rate Limit - try Medium.

Please let me know how you get on…

Hi @Dominatus - did you try any of these suggestions. Setting the Chunk Rate Limit should help.


Gotdamn… 16.48 mbs… good grief mate. Tell your phone companies to raise the standards please for your own sakes. we have 240mbit connections here in Canada. They expensive as hell. But I have a 120mbit with unlimited bandwith for 45 a month… Tell em to get their arses out the dark ages.