Q-Mart - Tools for the Average Citizen


Selling Forged Tools for the average Citizen since weeks after launch.

AOE TOOLS from 950c and up

Iron Classic (Only Auto-Loot & 3x3) ------Perfect for Early Levels.
Titanium Classic and T-4
Gem - -T6 (Damage +9 + AOE + AutoLoot)-------End Game Hammers.

And Many other Forges!




See you there!

Found in DK’s Mall on Tana VII- Take the middle, mall shortcut portal (D/E 65)

I apologize, as of last night I had 1 Dia T6 left, I have more in the forge now.


I was there yesterday :slight_smile: Maybe your first Customer :innocent:

I love what you did with the aquarium.

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Very nice work! Looks great. I kept hearing about the Aquarium in chat last night. I need to stop by and check it out.

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I think i will make this my “Mega thread?” for Q-Mart happenings.

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Looking great!! Wishing you success!

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