Q: Our Guild is full and we weren't able to add a new player

If they join a faction of our guild, will they receive the buffs when we restart them?

If they join a faction, does it count as joining a guild in their achievements?

If they join a Faction they will also join the main guild. Idk what that means as far as room, they may not be able to join I am not sure on that.

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If a member joins a faction it will count into the main guild. If main guild is full they won’t be able to join a faction. You get a maximum of 100 “free” member with an additional 400 “GC Members”, which make a potential of 500 members per guild.

If they join your faction and this faction has no buff sets, they will receive the main guild buffs on the next rebuy.


I have GC. :pensive: Bummer.
Thank you for the info.

Edit: I wish alts didn’t count towards the total. Turning people away #feelsbadman

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Factions start the count over. They should be able to join the faction, and will have the main guild buffs unless the faction has buffs that over rides with the main.

Oh… and I purge every couple weeks. If a member is inactive for a month, I kick them to make room. They are always welcome to rejoin.


Yeah I agree with you Vex, joining a guild should be account wide, I don’t understand why it isn’t so…


Because some families use the same account with different characters. And not everyone that uses alts want the same buffs on each character


I don’t think that’s a good justification, at least not to me. Personally I see the roster of every guild being cluttered with alts a bigger issue than a few families who wanted to use the same account and be in 50 guilds with their 10 alts.

I also don’t get the use of 10 alts but that’s just me. I have 1 character(In 1 guild that’s public) that has 5 maxed skill pages and one alt(no public guilds) that has 2 maxed skill pages and I don’t need any more than that. The alt doesn’t need buffs since he’s a stay at home type(cooking etc). I think it would have been better as no alts. But what do I know I’m just one person.

I mean 1 character can join up to 5 different guilds and each guild can have a bunch of Factions. The only thing it matters with buffs is the guild set as the primary.

And yes, I do have issue with alts versus skills pages. I voice the in the past :stuck_out_tongue:

They should have done one of three things.

A) let skill pages to level up independently like alts but on the same character. Each page would have its own skill points and XP pool.

B) remove both. If the plan was not let us do everything they never shoulda allowed either.

C) let us do unlock everything on one character… What’s the point with these walls when u got alts and skill pages and ultimately you do everything just happens to be a pain to switch between each.


I’d prefer no alts too…just work on one character and buy another account if you want another one.

Half of the games I play let you have alts and the other don’t. Some won’t even let you have more than one account.


I would suggest because we have them already just allow us to open all skills on one page. There are many other reason to keep the alts. Also they are now personal to us. This would naturally dwindle them down anyway.

I love having alts! It makes inventory soooo much easier. My brew maker has brew stuff, my builder has chisels, etc… it would just be a grind to organize inventory all the time…

Yea, I’ll keep my alts tyvm. :blush: