Q: What is Boundless?


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Boundless is an epic voxel sandbox where everyone (all players, on all platforms, in all physical locations) inhabits a single online universe.

Every world you visit is visible from every other. You can look up in the sky from your home planet, see another world, see another civilisation, see everything its inhabitants have constructed, then build a portal and seamlessly step from your world into another.

Craft a tool, build a home, forge a weapon, trade your wares, open a portal, explore a world, grow your skills, find your friends, form a clan, found a city, claim a world, conquer a Titan, birth a civilisation - make your mark in Boundless - the epic player-driven sandbox MMO.


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Is Boundless an RPG?

I have been playing this sandbox sci-fi game for a year now. watching it grow and evolve has been a truly rewarding exsperiance.
you guys are doing a swell job!


Truly open sandbox with truly open world and player content only so WE really build civilisation instead of walking into existing one with ready builds, guilds and NPC quests waiting for us.

Boundless is Boundless. Not a Sci Fi not fantasy or horror. We make it what it is through our builds and stories we create.


I love that thought.


I’ve described Boundless to many friends and this is what I usually tell them.

A massive online, open-ended, sandbox, survival game about exploration, crafting, building, creating, all while leveling up your character. Its Minecraft for adults. You can fully explore many massive planets while taking ownership of any plot of land that you feel like building on. The plot ownership feature completely eliminates the presence of greifers and thieves which lets you log out with confidence that your valuable loot will still be there when you return. The leveling up and skill system is a blast to use. It allows you to turn your character into exactly the kind of adventurer you want him to be. Boundless has absolutely no gore, language, or sexual content which makes it perfectly suitable for any age group.

Honestly I could go on and on which I now realize doesn’t really help this thread. :sweat_smile:
Trying to summarize boundless is near impossible for me because there are too many aspects and features that I love. Regardless I always end my explanation by reiterating that even with all of that content the game is still in Beta. That right there always convinces them. I know many would disagree with this but if 1.0 was released right now with the game in its current state I would still buy it and recommend it.