Qaulity of live for farming

The idea is that we would plant seeds that grow into plants as they do now but when you harvest them an empty plant remains which has to grow again so you may harvest it again. The growing time could remain the same as if you had planted seeds but would remove the re planting of seeds every time which I think most people would agree is the part that puts them off of farming.
If you decide to change the ratios for higher or lower seed or crop return, this would require reseeding of the field once you had made the changes. I feel that this would be a good compromise without making farming to dumbed down


Farming is work and thats Not everyone s Intention of this Game , ITS a little Like in real there Farming is also hard Working without Machines, for me i Like Farming fields the only thing i would find very helpful is planting 3*3 or 3 in a row would be great too but then ITS Like having Machines and you should need Something for IT to do IT.

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See your point but… then there also isn’t a point in making that difference of crop to seed in every other crop.

As the “plants” stay just have to wait till they are ready to be harvested again. There isn’t waist of seed. Making it possible for the nuts that walk around to go even more bigger as they don’t have to replant.

Again i see your point but the side effect of this is that market prices will go down even for the hardes crops and seeds. Which in turn will effect all else. Not a lot of peeps are willing to do the leg work anymore for 1c or less even tough this pays for tools in the end.

(Selling lava/water at 0.2 coin and yes in the end it pays for 1-2 new liquid breakers).

just planting seeds faster or using crafted ‘seed bags’ that do a 3x3 would be enough for me ( we can place/ destroy tons of rock in a fraction of a second, so why does this part have to be so frustratingly painfully slow ?
and the same for grass


Yeh I don’t think the ‘thing’ that makes/prevents people wanting to farm should be a tedious task. I would farm a lot more if I didn’t have to place the seeds down 1 by 1 :smile:

And I don’t like the random tilled block becoming un-tilled in organic farming (if im remembering correctly)


I can literally build 2 new houses in the time it takes me to replant my kindling crop. and that is just a weekly chore. and all my terraformed areas are barren because I want to be 110% certain that I’m done with everything before I chug a speed brew and get to grass planting


Strongly agree. My current process is to harvest all of one crop, then plant the seeds, then move on to the next crop. That 2nd pass of planting is all wasted time and you get 0 xp.

Maybe for the same effect we could somehow auto-replace what we just harvested, as long as we have the seeds in our inventory? Load seeds into the tiller like augments or something? That would be annoying too lol but yes if we could cut the time in half I guarantee I would return to farming at least the basic stuff daily like I did when I first made my farm.

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Machines of some sort could work for this too, like auto planters. They could work like spark generators using something akin to spark links that would supply the appropriate blocks. Mesh limit would be a problem though

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I’d love to have a seeding tool that can be forged with 3x1 or something.

I’ve been harvesting/replanting 2.5k waxy earthyams every day for the past 2 weeks (stockpiling wax… don’t ask!) - I’ve managed to get the process down to less than 15 minutes per day now by using a speed brew, 3x1 tool for harvesting and then dual-wielding seeds for replanting. Not sure if it’s just my imagination, but dual-wielding the seeds seems to make it go a lot quicker.


I’m not sure if dual-wielding any tool or weapon has a real effect. It would be awesome if it did. (cough cough fists)


Give dual-wielding seeds a go (neither a tool nor a weapon) and let me know if you can see a difference :wink:


Honestly not sure either, but with snowballs during Oortmas it felt more effective to have them in both hands rapid firing.


I do like the idea. This is how farming is designed in 7D2D.

If anything I would like to see the tiller be able to have 3x3 forged on it and accepts seeds into it like augments. I feel being able to forge 3x3 and insert 900 seeds into the tiller would be a good addition for QoL.