QoL - Add block swapping to totem (or a new tool/totem)

I need to replace all the blocks in a large area that has lava. I have to remove it all, lava 1st, then block by block. Then replace all the blocks…then replace all the lava. The ability to swap blocks instead, would be amazing. This could be a new tool/totem or possibly an ability added to a current tool.

If it’s added to a totem:

  • You would drag & drop a block on the totem (must be in your carry-on inventory)
  • You’d see a tiny version of the block you want where a totem augment would be
  • Any block you hit with the totem changes into the block shown, until you run out
  • The block you hit would go into your carry-on inventory
    Even sweeter if a totem forged with AOE could replace 3x3 blocks
    If it’s a new totem, maybe forgers could forge these block swap totems as AOE …and they could make metal ones, gem ones, lucents…


Boy would that make redoing my caves so much easier. Remove block replace then chisel is a long process


I think we all need this devs…can it be done?

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This could be helpful when you claim an ashed build. You could just swap the ash for the blocks that you want :smiley:

whacks chest with totem


That would be an interesting game lol…run around and whack oortlings …turn them into blocks :grin:

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Oh boy this would be amazing.

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Well thought out Vex :+1: :grin:
But please, only within your own Beacon / Build …
… otherwise, you can change the whole world around you (in Black Gleam for example).
I like it though a Totem Blockchanger.


I think you should have the items available in your inventory to swap them.
ie: if you have a stack of black gleam, you can change out a stack worth in your build.
If you only have one black gleam, you could only change out one block.

(and yes, probably only within your beacon - no swapping soil for wild diamond seams hehe)


Of course :+1: :wink:

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As long as you still need to deal block health in damage before the swap happens, and the block acts like being broken (so you get ore instead of seams) there’s no reason you shouldn’t also be able to do it in the wild.

Not that I can think of a reason you’d want to at that point.

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This feature would be amazing if block-swapping retained chisel information, so say I wanted to upgrade a build from refined stone for example, to brick or even marble. Whack a block with the tool, swap it out and it retains the same shape the previous block had.