QoL improvement to crafting queue display

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I think it might be useful to show how many items are being crafted with each batch in the crafting queue - and possibly the crafting method used…

So for example, the above would be displayed as:-

  • 10 x Door Piece (Mass Craft)
  • 2 x Door Piece (Single Craft)

at least make us see if its a bulk or mass I know there is a timer but it will still be nice to have so I agree

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While we’re talking about QoLs for crafting. Can I also toss in the suggestion of a slider or option that allows us to set the default crafting type tap that’s opened up when we select a recipe? Cause having it open to the mass crafting tab rather than the single crafting tab would save me a lot of clicks…


I agree! I NEVER single craft anything except campfires and beacon plotters.