QOL in chat

It would be nice if by clicking the notification circle we could go directly to that chat.
Thats it, thats the suggestion.

I don’t demand to be added tomorrow but hopefully it can be added eventually :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds intricate and confusing.


They’d have to rewrite all the planets and do a wipe. Can’t happen.


You know what would be very useful to me? If we could track which shopstand was bought out when you get a notification. I have a beacon that only sells pigments. So that beacon has 255 shopstands with pigments. So when I get a notification that a pigment shopstand is empty, I have quite a task ahead of me XD

Also YES the bubble thingy you said would be cool @Cuetzpalomitl


Honestly, I want an option to get notified even when shop stands aren’t bought out. I have hundreds of shop stands and someone could just buy out most of the items in one of them, then no one would ever visit cause the amount inside isn’t enough to bother going to buy, so I just end up checking all my hundreds of shop stands twice a day. Probably wouldn’t want such an option on by default though