QOL Item added

Just noticed today that when you place the 170th “mesh” (or as it states Complex) item in your area a notice will pop up:

This is a nice QOL item that was added that I guess I missed. Way to go Dev’s, Thank you.


According to some dev comments, it was supposed to have already been in-game before, but it only got fixed recently, I think with the farming release, though I can’t remember seeing a mention of it being fixed either.

In any case, yes, it’s especially good news for the PS4 players that it works now. :slight_smile:

It was always in game - we just changed it to be presented earlier.


I just noticed this for the first time this weekend. Thankfully I have a good 200 more I’m able to place. @james presenting this earlier was a good move, the sooner the better in order to plan for it.

@james Well I never noticed it before so it was new to me :joy:. I still say thank you…for presenting it earlier. :+1:

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I normally use debug menu. to check for the amount of complex blocks/mesh in any chunk.