[Qretu 5] --[Toxic Tier 5 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]

I found a strange shaped block at -1240n 410e 67.
To my knowledge this shape can’t exist. Landing on it makes you fall in place forever. I had to return to sanctum three time.
Sorry no screen shot. Worth a look

So there’s none of the gleam here? Well, guess I’ll hold a hunt for crest kernels then. And this time, I won’t pick a T4 planet in my drowsy state, and then oversleep by 4 hours!

…I hope.

Lots of goo left. I just walked away with a smart stack of black goo and a smart stack of mixed other. 2 hour run.

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I’m headed to ol’besse right now! To do the same!

It’s a shame no one’s found gleam. That and the goo colors make this place awesome. Fantastic color palette

Interesting lol (I think I’ve seen this emote before :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
@lucadeltodecso @james @vdragon


Lol thats the spot

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Scarcity Colour sheet
by Emorgaly ;p

colorincidence for all planets permanent- and exo-Planet


100% hidden under growth: 79 blocks.

I’m so glad @majorvex recently reminded me that resin works in an atlas.

EDIT this planet has way more resin than iota did.

Also, these trees :exploding_head:


Night Fuchsia Gleam for those that wanted to see it.


So, is there a prize pool going for the first person who finds gleam on this planet?


Great photobomb! :wink:

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Coordinates pretty please

Looking at the blocks with design on, I’d say it’s on test server

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Har har.

You had me until I saw the decorative gleam.
…and “Alpha C” as the planet.

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I should have mentioned it was from testing! :sweat_smile:
I just thought people might wanna know what it would look like if Qretu had had some.

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The name is from a Star Wars book lol

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from tonight last meteor


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