Quality Crafting Materials

Was about to ask if this was considered in the QA post but i thought it would be easier to just make a suggestion thread.

So, quality crafting materials. i would like to suggest having different qualities and rarities in materials, it can be done in a hardcore way like The repopulation where the quality if on a scale of F0 to A9, meaning a ton of qualities, but for oort i imagine something simpler would be in place.

for example, as people know i have been considering to play a crafter, and a thought that struck me with materials was that they will probably not have many different for the same tier so there might be some other way to spice it up, for example quality materials.

Imagine iron ore, lets say there are 4 rarities, Common, uncommon, rare, epic

the chances of getting them are

Uncommon: 1/10
Rare: 1/100
Epic: 1/1000

This would add the skinner box mentality to the game, that we get stimulated for trying to achieve it, because then it would be a bunch of boxes and if they made it so you dont know the quality of the ore before you mine it, you would have the sort of ‘‘the next one might be an epic’’

The better quality would make better items, meaning that if you want the ‘‘best’’ item you would have to use epic materials to make it, so an epic iron sword might be as good as a rare or uncommon sword. i do admit this comes with two problems

  1. balancing
  2. keeping the value in materials, forexample a rare iron ore might not be worth anything in higher tiers, if a system is made which makes it useful in higher tiers it would also encourage going back down in tiers to gather materials, making all tiers of worlds relevant for all tiers of players



I like your idea.

did you thought whether it should be possible to craft better qualities Like 10 iron = 1 rare ? Evertime something is determined randomly i get the bad feeling of CS:Go Weapon box opening :smiley:

the other point is the “usefulness” of the. if every next higher material is better there is no need to search for them. i think we would need some “special” recipes for them …

EDIT: A thing i tought about is “quality” of materials like: you pick it the first time its quality is “new”, if you place and recollect it its quality is “minimal” … and if you recollect it the 5 time it’s broken and unpickable … like in real world, you can’t reuse everything infinite times.


This is a really good idea and I like it. But I have thoughts of course.

  1. If a epic Iron sword would be as good as a gold rare sword. Would this go for all Materials? Like a Twisted timber block (epic) could make a wooden sword with the same stats as a uncommon iron sword? Or is this just for metallic materials, and ores?

  2. Your system might have a huge flaw, depending on how I’m interpreting it.
    If I make a epic iron sword,and that’s as good as a rare gold sword, but the rare gold sword is as good as the uncommon Oort sword (made up ore) then wouldn’t my epic iron sword be as good as a uncommon Oort sword.( Oort is the highest tire sword you can have in this situation)? Which would be too OP for a low level players to have. Then everyone would go around crafting Epic iron swords.

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Yeah as i said, it is a great matter of balancing and the difference in stats between ‘‘tiers’’ so to say.

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Well I’d love to help,if I can,with during out the system. It could be pretty cool. Something that makes boundless really unique.

As @Heurazio there should be some way to get the material anyway if you are unlucky enough to not meet it. (this should be more expensive than the change of meeting the resource though so something like 10 iron and some fuel source)

Could we start by agreeing that gold is a terrible material for crafting weapons and should be put bellow copepr if used at all?


That is a Minecraft way of thinking, this is Boundless.
Plus the currency is gold so it’s unlikely players will be crafting with it.

Just to say that isn’t limited to Minecraft that’s a real world concept.

Also I though currency was Oort Shards ?


No,Oort shards are used to make Portals and warps,I’m pretty sure.

They dismissed gold. originally it was on the page but we had a discussion and they admitted it was only a place holder currency, if you noticed they replaced it with ‘‘wealth’’ since it gives them a bit more space to play on.

I also agree with @Heurazio it should be possible to convert, however i think there should be a penalty, forexample if the droprate is 1/10 then the conversation rate is 15 to 1, 1/100, 150 to 1. would make good use of materials you have too many off anyways.


In minecraft gold tools are quite fast actually.

But making tools, armor and weapons out of gold is just plain stup, it is a heavy and soft material in oposition to bronze that is heavy and strong and iron that have a moderate weight and is quite strong.

It´s just a fictional world so I think it´s not a problem if it is not that realistic. Many games and movies get quite unrealistic when it comes to materials, for example Iron Mans armor is also made from a gold alloy and making an aircraft/ armor plating out of gold is even more silly than making tools from it.

Generally I think that the devs are creative enough to come up with their own ore names and dont go for copper,iron etc.

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So what. so is getting millions for saying baby a million times, didnt stop bieber.

I would like to point out that while i understand what you mean… i dont think we should take it that realistic, as vastar mentioned, they will most likely do some cool gem and ore names, however i dont think there would be anything wrong if they were slightly unrealistic.

also you have to admit this looks pretty pimp

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Yes but if they aren’t able to use gold,they probably can’t use iron. Plus the creatures are not human,they could be able to use any type of Metal or metalloid they would like.

Is that from Saint saya?

Maybe we should not give them better states like @G_Sage said because in this case they would always outperformed by higher materials at some point. How about give them “unique” states instand. Eg. Epic iron is the only Material ingame that has “life -steal” and no other Material can have this. If you want life steal at your higher Tier sword you have to infuse it with a rune or glyphe that is made from epic iron.

On the other Hand epic materials could have a special look like sand < sandstone < polished sandstone. They might shine or reflect or something like that…


Now that you mention it ^.^

Keyword: Alloy, first rule of metallurgy, alloys are weird you can combine 2 metals that have a high melting point and get a metal that can be melted by a lighter.

Yeah it would be cooler if they just kept to non standard metals.

I have literally no idea about what you are trying to say here.

It doesn’t really have anything to do with race but the fact that gold in reality is soft if it isn’t made out primarily of other metals.

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Problem with special look is how much time it would take to make, assuming there are 4 qualities you would have to make 4 distinct version of every weapon and wearable my biggest problem.

i do however like the idea of using rare ores to make runes which can add properties to weapons.

I know, I went through 5 years of engineering school with focus on metallurgy and welding :wink:
But in the films/comics they talk about a titanium/gold alloy which has, as far as I know, no special properties (except for the general suitability for aircrafts that titan has anyway)