Quest bugged - Advanced rescources Gathering (Tier 2 gatherer objective)

so seems like I cannot get the gathering part of the quest to complete on a Alt, here are some screenshot to show the issue

Im holding a chisel in my hand but I absolutely used a shovel to dig up the plants and boudlers in my inventory :stuck_out_tongue:

Also placing it in my beacon worked. Can this be because gathering whole plants no longer gives XP so it doesnt tick the gathering part of the quest?

I was testing it for a fellow player who couldnt get the quest to complete.

Yes, it’s not currently working, as a few players have mentioned it previously.

Ok thx, I really searched the forum first for similar post :frowning:

Oh, don’t worry about it. Now that you created this topic, it will be easier to find for any other players experiencing the same issue.

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