Quest...Time to earn some coin

Ok, I see everyone saying they need quests to keep them interested. Well I have one:

Quest :

  1. Find Ancient Trunks on Kol Huroo & Houchus I
  2. Take screen shot showing the location and the tree
  3. Bring me 2 trunks for both planets

10,000 coin to the first person to post the screen shots AND meet me in Beckon right in front of the Aqua Portal on 12/23/18 at 6:00PM EST. Must give me the correct trunks to get the prize.

Any takers?


This will be interesting

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Interesting, this will be.

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So we are 15 hours in with basically 5 hours to go. Is anyone trying?

They might be non-existent.

According to the color chart, Boundless Crafting @Stretchious they exist.

So I was waited and no one showed up. Maybe its because of the holiday coming up…reserve…

I will extend it to 12/28/18 @ 8:00PM EST.

Let’s see what happens.

I’ve been unable to find ancient wood on either of the planets.

Have you considered using a transformation chisel to change a twisted wood trunk to ancient?

The colors won’t match thought.

It’s just twisted this quest lol but for real I might have seen a hand full of the lushish wood… and the leaves that it could be under has nothing lol but I only looked thou houchus I today…

I’ll see if I can find it over the Christmas break

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is colour data for blocks that might not actually spawn on certain worlds?

The color scheme per world show what color it should have if it spawn on that world.
That not always the case.


Yeah the data I have at least is for everything, no matter if it exists or not

I don’t know if it exists or not. As far as I knew if it had a color listed on the Color Chart and/or Boundless Crafting it should exist…otherwise why list it?

Good examples of that would be Gleam, Growth, Ash, Ice, Glacier, Mud, Thorns. If it does not exist its not listed.

So no one has claimed the prize. Either there is no Ancient Tree on these planets, no one can find them or people don’t want 10k in coin.

I will say this though…I don’t want to hear that there are no quests or things to do in game. I was willing to give out WAY more coin then can be earned doing normal Feats. But again maybe they don’t exist.

I hunted for a few hours and couldn’t find it and my world mapping is around 50% done at this point xD so I dont think they have the trees… there so few lush trees it’s sad xD after 4 hours I gave up to be honest as well… it’s super super rare or they are not there

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I re spec’d a low level alt to look and spent a few hours with no luck lol. Left the alt on houchus 1 in spite haha

Well at least you guys tried. I guess I kind of wish they would not be listed on planets if they don’t really spawn on them. :disappointed: