Question about moving a Beacon

Since this my first time playing the game, I just placed my Beacon In a random spot.

Now that I’m to the quest to build my house I want to move the beacon.

I know you can destroy the Beacon, but will that eliminate the plots that are associated with it?

If so, is there a way to move the Beacon without destroying the existing plots?

And once I move the Beacon, do I just place it in an area I know I won’t be building?


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If you want to keep the first spot, you can make a new beacon for another spot, no limit in how many beacons you can have.

If you want to destroy the first, you can not do so before you remove all added plots.

You can have more then one beacon in a build too, so if the first start to irritate you, place another in a better place inside the plots and remove the first one.


Actually you can destroy the beacon without removing the plots. Delete the beacon in your beacon list. It will remove all plots but leave all the items there to disappear to regen. So you can just smash the beacon and grab it after you delete it

Edit: I should actually say without removing all the plots manually.

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Also one thing to note about beacons and plots is that If your beacon expires or you destroy it you will not actually lose those plots attached to the beacon. They are returned to your inventory for future use.
Though anything you have in those plotted areas that becomes unplotted will be subject to regeneration

When I want to move a beacon inside a plot I place a 2nd beacon down, set it as master control beacon, and then break the original beacon.

That makes sense.

A follow up Q.

In just about every video ve watched, everyone puts the beacon control right next to the campfire.

Doesn’t this just place a plot that n the same space as an existing plot thus wasting one of the plots?

I put my beacon control in the plot next to the campfires plot, but now I’m wondering if this was a mistake.

Campfires don’t actually hold a plot. They are only temporary. After 24hrs it would be gone

No, the plots don’t repeat. You can put as many beacons and campfires in your plots as you like. But you can only have one beacon that is the master. Many of us, including me, use them both as decorations.

If you do move, I’d place your new one first before deleting the old one. That way you don’t have to rush. Yes, that will require some more plots. At least one so you can put storage there and can run back and forth.


If you run out of fuel, all your stuff will be gone in four hours. So be obsessive about it.

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That is why I love the Gleam Club. We have a outpost on all the planets we visit and collect items and the number is growing. Some of them I can’t go to alone and when my son was playing other games I couldn’t go and get loot I had left on them and we lost two outposts. I don’t know what was there, it might have not been of value, or it could have been something I could have needed/used.

It is well worth the 10 bucks a month to not worry about losing some valuable loot.


Yea I don’t even know how I would go about filling all of my beacons. I’ve had gleam club from the start. Tho I get those pesky low fuel warnings on new beacons. Wish they would fix that.

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