Question about portal distance

Ok simple question, hypothetically could you buy a t5 to build a portal to your t6 without it costing an arm and a leg on oort?

My plan is to link our t4 to the t5 I was going to buy to our existing t6

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Well. If you buy t6… Its rng what t6 planet it cycles (i think region effect) . So In theory Yes you can link your sovereign To your perm planet t6 with that 1blinksec portal. But you cant link t4 t5 sovereigns bowhere Else but perm planets…
So - most efficiant way (not talking about cost)
T4 and t5 sove liked To t6 perm and thats liked To t6 sove.

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You can’t build a portal from a tier 5 sov to tier 6 sov?

A portal from a t5 sov to a t6 sov would be 1 blinksec further away than making a portal from a perma t5

Because you’d have to travel: T5 Sov -(1bs)-> T5 Perma -(?bs)-> T6 Perma -(1bs)-> T6 Sov

You can make a portal straight from your t5 sov to t6 sov of course, but that is the “journey” the portal would take theoretically

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Tbh you won’t know the best route until you get your T5. If you’re idea is to buy the T5 purely as a gate to your T6 it might be a case of re rolls to get the right distance…
Cheapest route to a T6 will be from orbiting planet.
T5 to T6 will depend on blinksec and as others have said will be plus 1 blinksec.

If you have the data for your existing planets can tell you the best route at the moment.


If i remeber correctly travel between t5 and t6 is somewhat big. Sovereign should use the same logic. We have medium sized portal (around 20 blocks ?) between the link of t5 -t6 and its most be the most efficient way to do it.

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