Question about the SOVEREIGN planets

If I buy one, do I have to buy fuel for the first planet or is that included in the price for the planet at the beginning?

Totally included for getting it, but just a month.

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Do I get fuel too? - Because I understand it to mean that the planet can only be adjusted and used with fuel. So the colors and so and break down.

You have to fuel a planet every month. The first month is included with the setup costs.

The cost of the fuel you need will depend on the size of the planet.

It’s a monthly rental, NOT a one time purchase.


you can also buy multiple (if the biggest isn’t enough) fuel packs and add them, so you don’t have to deal with it every month. just adds more time like GC

When your planet spawns in, enough fuel for one month is included and already applied. At that time, if you place a world control beacon, you can change world permissions and colors. Permissions can be changed any time, but colors only get unlocked for change once a month.

If you don’t refuel your planet before the month is up, it will go into a limbo state for a couple weeks where you can’t go there, but still have the option to refuel. If you don’t refuel during your limbo week, it is deleted forever and all beacons go to reclaim.

The Boundless Shop with the world fuel specifically tells you how long each fuel package will be good for. It gets into the specifics of your world size since larger worlds eat more fuel.
They made it pretty easy to understand for us I think. :thinking:

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Pretty much all of it is covered in the FAQ for Sovs as well.


Okay and how I have to setup a planet that it have many gems, medium and big fissils an coal?

Blast (Diamond) and Shock (Topaz) are easiest to get big gem hotspots on, with diamonds you’ll find good coal at the elevation you find it and topaz can have fossil in with it at the right elevations, but all of what you’re looking for will be there if you use a build like this though you may have to change elevations when mining. Most critical pick is Olympus alone at lv. 8 (so you will want a T6 so you can take it, that gives more gem seams anyways), that will give you big hotspots on it’s own-

World “Builds” thread - Creations / Sovereign - Boundless Community (

I just rolled a similar Shock to this build (Farewell, off Alcyon, portal at Paka’s Palace) that has 747k topaz, there were a few switches but the best spots mostly came from biomes in this build.


Another question.

What do I get if I open my planet to strangers? Do you get coins there? Cubits? nothing at all?



hmmm if it is worth it to me, considering the experiences i made in the game so far with the community. In the forum, strangely enough, a good 90% are nice and helpful but in the game … the exact opposite of my experience - well, I’ll think about it - I had a T6 planet since yesterday - but I only have a few Building portal hubs and such is not my strength just like trusting other players in the game …

But thanks for the quick answer.

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You could make the landing zone of any portal high enough in plots and prestige for footfall, but people only tend to visit the planets that have the highest % of any given resource, and also in my experience a lot of people seem to warp to my high resource planet old-school style rather than using portals (and to them, kudos, I appreciate that way of playing!).

I have a couple of planets with a little hub with portals to resource spots and it generates some footfall. It’s not huge amounts, but it’s welcome all the same.

There are separate permissions for letting people visit, mine, and plot, so if you just want to let people come and mine without plotting, that’s an option and limits the amount of negative behavior while letting people use your planet for mining for colors and resources.

Eh, if you have a portal off of TNT Megahub, and your planet is open to being visited people will go and explore it.

I set mine to public visible so i can download the map and pull resource data using the api scanner and im always seeing the citizen list populated with some one recently visiting.

While going through tnt if i see a new portal i try to pop in and see whats on the other side.

Oh, I have no doubt people enter through my tnt portal. I’ve just observed that some don’t arrive via portal, and I think that’s cool.