"question for the devs" category

I think we need a “question for the devs category” :smiley:
Please make it happen @ben

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Interesting. We don’t want to add too many categories and fragment the discussions. Also we might invite more questions than we can answer and I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Summoning us wherever a question seems to be working okay though!

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Know that we are suggesting categories what about a Gameplay category? It is more about how the game works already and what people think about that than it is about suggesting new stuff.

that is called general disscuioni as far as i remember

General discussion is more an “All the other stuff there isn’t a category for” thing.

well the desciption is called ‘‘discuss anything and everything related to oort’’ to me that would count as gameplay. but for my sake no prob with adding a gameplay catgory

I think that anything that would go into a ‘Question the devs’ category could either go into ‘general discussion’ or ‘support’
after all any ‘question for the devs’ is either:
just something you would like to know (in which case anyone could answer, it wouldn’t HAVE to be the devs)
it is something you NEED to know (then it is a request for support)

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